Corey Stewart’s Next Big Lie On YFT & UACs

Can you still call it someone’s next big lie if you expose it before it is uttered and you wind up pre-empting it?


Here’s what Prince William Co. Board Chairman Corey Stewart’s next big lie will be regarding the housing of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) at Youth for Tomorrow facilities in the county – the Commonwealth of Virginia made PWC give money to YFT.

Let’s rewind things 3 1/2 years to then state Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli’s opinion banning state grants to charities as unconstitutional. Following this Virginia could no longer provide direct grants to any charities not controlled by the state. The system that was put in place in order to meet constitutional scrutiny allows localities to award grants to charitable organizations on a competitive basis.

So, there you have it. Any attempts by Chairman Stewart to claim that Virginia forced or directed the county to give grant money to YFT is pure bunk. In fact, grant money provided by the state to the county was sat on by the county for quite a lengthy period of time before the county made the decision to award it to YFT.

Again, we have no quarrel with YFT itself or its Christian mission. The last thing that we want to see is this organization harmed by someone so willing to throw them under the bus in order to preserve the tattered remains of his political career.


2 thoughts on “Corey Stewart’s Next Big Lie On YFT & UACs

  1. The state is appropriating money to YFT as well, hiding it as a non-competitive single-source “contract” when it is in all actuality an illegal appropriation to a non-state entity. If it actually were a “contract” there would be a requirement to have an open solicitation.

    VA Budget 2014, Item 341

    Out of this appropriation, $200,000 the first year and $200,000 the second year from the general fund shall be provided to contract with Youth for Tomorrow (YFT) to provide comprehensive residential, education and counseling services to at-risk youth of the Commonwealth of Virginia who have been sexually exploited, including victims of sex trafficking. The contract shall require YFT to provide individual assessments/individual service planning; individual and group counseling; room and board; coordination of medical and mental health services and referrals; independent living services for youth transitioning out of foster care; active supervision; education; and family and family reunification services. Youth for Tomorrow shall submit monthly progress reports on activities conducted and progress achieved on outputs, outcomes and other functions/activities during the reporting period. On October 1 of each year, YFT shall provide an annual report to the Governor and the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees that details program services, outputs and outcomes.

    1. That still doesn’t change the fact that the state is not forcing the county to do this. So basically Corey is as bad as Gov. McAuliffe.

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