Gillespie Closes Gap to 10%, Trounces Warner In Debate

A new poll from the New York Times / CBS / YouGov shows Ed Gillespie has closed the gap with Mark Warner to just 10%, 53%-43%. This comes on the heels of Saturday’s debate between the two men. If there is ever an illustration for the term “deer in the headlights,” it would be Mark Warner hands down. Never mind this guy being a blank check for President Obama, voting for his position 97% of the time, Warner’s got a blank stare half the time. No wonder he was reduced to such a feeble performance on Saturday. As one commenter stated, what kind of closing statement is “I don’t pass bills, but I make phone calls on other things.” Let him make phone calls from private life and let’s elect Ed Gillespie to the U.S. Senate so we can help get our economy moving again and create opportunity for all Americans to succeed. (Then again Mark Warner wouldn’t know about that since his personal financial success was obtained via a means that the Congress has now outlawed.)


5 thoughts on “Gillespie Closes Gap to 10%, Trounces Warner In Debate

  1. Wow, only down by 10. He’s a sure winner! Maybe he can do as well as EW Jackson! Moral victory for the moral hypocrites!

    1. At this point in 2006, Jim Webb was further behind George Allen and never overtook him in the polls until the end of October (despite the whole macaca uproar.)

  2. Big deal…Ken Cuccinelli trounced Terry McAuliffe in all their debates and still got his arse handed to him. VA is blue and their isn’t anything anyone can do about it. There was a battle between conservatives and liberals and the liberals won by having more babies.

  3. “There was a battle between conservatives and liberals and the liberals won by having more babies.” Given that (in my opinion) liberals are more likely to either abort their babies or go childless than conservatives are, I think it has more to do with people migrating out of Maryland and people coming from other parts of the country to find Government-related work. VA isn’t blue — yet — but it is certainly a shade of purple. Also, losing by about 52K votes isn’t getting your arse handed to you. By contrast, McDonnell crushed Deeds by 18% four years ago. That would be an arse-handing of historic proportions.

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