McDonnells’ Trial Kicks-Off With Bombshells

During the opening arguments in the trial of former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, it was disclosed (or at least claimed by the defense) that the McDonnells were barely on speaking terms and she had an “inappropriate” relationship with businessman Jonnie Williams who showered the first couple with lavish gifts. OUCH!!!

At first blush, it appeared that they would be throwing each other under the bus, but now it looks to me more like Maureen McDonnell is falling on her own sword — or at least being pushed onto it.

Just wait until it is disclosed Bob had a crush on Jonnie, too. Well, at least Jonnie’s wallet.

Or maybe Bob McDonnell was just happy to have Jonnie get Maureen off his back? As in – Take my wife . . . Please!

I don’t get no respect!

Maureen is being painted more and more as an airhead former Redskinette.  I do not think it’s unintentional, but rather part of the former first couple’s trial strategy — portray her as estranged from the Governor (who was busy working 16 hours a day for the people to the neglect of his own wife) so there’s distance from his official actions; write-off all the gifts as being part of the “inappropriate” relationship (still not defined as whether it was an unrequited “crush” or something physical) between her and Williams instead of any quid pro quo; get off (with maybe a fine for the failure to report on the banking issues); and finally “reconcile” at some point following the trial.

This whole sordid chapter in Virginia’s history makes me sick. McDonnell was supposed to save the Virginia GOP. Instead, he sundered it — for bad policy and for corruption.

Do let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Bye! Don’t come back, y’all, ya hear?

Those two did more damage to the party, and by extension the rest of the state, than we can tally. We have two blue senators, executives and frankly, this just should not be.

We have taxes galore.

I have no sympathy.

I hope Bolling gets splattered with all the toxins, too.

I hope it is so bad, McDonnell has to get a dye job, grow a beard and go into hiding.

I remember reading an article in 2009 about how the McDonnell-Bolling team was the Establishment’s Last Stand. That may just turn out to be right.


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