Where’s John Foust?

Where’s John Foust? He’s supposedly campaigning to be the next Congressman in the 10th District. But he’s not spending a lot of time there.

Not that he’s avoiding events. He’s just avoiding them in the 10th District.

Last night, John Foust was really excited to be with Democrats in Alexandria:


Perhaps someone needs to inform him that Alexandria isn’t in the 10th Congressional District. Here’s a map to help him out.


Come on, John. Go west, old man!


4 thoughts on “Where’s John Foust?

  1. Perhaps its because the Dems in Alexandria will donate money to his campaign? Or he’s looking for a friend with money to spend in the form of Don Beyer? Anyone on the ground have any sense as to how things are going? I gather that Comstock’s team is campaigning hard across the 10th District (I had a canvasser stop by in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and I reiterated my support for the GOP in November). But no mailing or canvassers — at least not yet — from the Dems. Further, I would argue that I live in a swing area in a swing county. If that’s a sign of things to come, then Barbara should win by a comfortable margin — at least 4% in my view — possibly more.

  2. Of course, when you really think about it, why would you WANT him to go west? If he stays in the Alexandria/Arlington area, then he just looks even more out of touch.

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