Where’s John Foust Again?

Earlier this week John Foust was excited to be campaigning in Alexandria, which isn’t in the 10th District where he supposedly wants to be a Congressman. Now he’s just thrilled to see so many smiling faces at his happy hour at Black Finn in Washington, DC – which is also outside of the 10th Congressional District:



And it’s not just John Foust himself. His entire campaign operation is dependent upon help from OUTSIDE of the 10th District.

Last night, the Barbara Comstock for Congress campaign had a successful phone bank at their Sterling offices:


Not to be out done, John Foust is trying to get people to come out to a phone bank… IN ALEXANDRIA:


Another reminder, Alexandria? Ain’t in the 10th District:


Maybe John Foust will spend time in the district he supposedly wants to represent. Maybe he’ll find a few supporters there while he’s at it. Until then, Barbara Comstock is working hard to represent the 10th.


7 thoughts on “Where’s John Foust Again?

  1. Seriously? This was the best you can do? Just because Comstock can’t get the widespread support Foust has, you try a hatchet job?

  2. The widespread support that Foust has?? Two questions, 1) what are you smoking and 2) is it legal in VA?

  3. I have not seen a great deal of widespead support for John Foust. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place. Perhaps I should try the 8th CD. šŸ˜‰

  4. What does living in the 10th and working in DC have to do with anything? Foust is fundraising in the 8th and ought to be fundraising in the 10th. As an aside, I was pleased to see another one of my neighbors put up a Comstock for Congress yard sign over the weekend. I have yet to see a Foust yard sign, just a few bumper stickers on cars (and plenty of Comstock bumper stickers).

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