Ready to roll …….

“The best way to strengthen our party is to grow our party, and that is what I have been dedicated to doing. The VBC will be another vehicle to promote traditional conservative values throughout the Commonwealth”. 

Yesterday I released this statement :

Today The Virginia Black Conservatives Forum is pleased to announce our new executive team as well as our Board of Directors. They are as follows:


Executive Team

Chairman and Founder – Coby Dillard

President and Director of Operations – Terrence Boulden

Vice President – Carl Tate

Executive Director – Eric Wray II


Board of Directors:

DJ. Jordan

Daniel Webb

LaToya Gray

Ali Akbar

Ted Brown


The VBC will also be adding Patrick Murphy as the Director of Special Projects, which will include social media and other marketing projects.

Our new team looks forward to promoting and expanding conservative values. We will do this through promotion, education, and recruitment, in communities where conservative ideals are not prevalent.

As the VBC continues to grow and expand across Virginia we ask for your support and encourage your suggestions.






5 thoughts on “Ready to roll …….

  1. Excellent work Terrence ! Taking the message of liberty to the Black and minority communities is important work. It is a tough task but one that must be done. You and your team will have to slog through endless nitwittery thrown in your way our leftist opposition and their allies in the media. It will take smarts , a thick skin and all the focus you can muster . You are righteous in your mission. Work hard , stay focused and don’t let the cadre of goofballs get in your way . Best of luck and God bless buddy. Let me know how we can help .

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