Dave Foster Against the Smug, Self-Satisfied Place That Steals Everyone’s Money

So, Dave Foster lost the special election for Delegate yesterday by roughly 24 points. I feel bad for Dave because he’s a good guy and a good conservative. The problem is that Arlington is an awful, awful place and 75 percent of the people who live there are on the make and have zero redeeming value. I can say that because I live there and know of what I speak.

Take for example my neighbor J. Townsend Wickface III. He runs a hubzone 8a business as a hardware reseller and makes millions of dollars. He produces nothing of value–indeed, his entire business model depends on OEMs being required to sell him hardware at a discount so he can resell it and make 4 points off it. He is a pass through with no value add and is simply a drain on the taxpayers. In a just world he’d be shot repeatedly by a righteously enraged mob and hung by his heels from a lamp post and fed to dogs, but in our current Rome-after-the-death-of-Aetius situation in America, he is lionized, writes huge checks for the Dems and never misses a chance to vote for whoever can be counted on to keep the gravy train rolling. And my only recourse to try and rectify this gross injustice is to keep him out of my country club and to let my dog repeatedly defecate on his yard. Such is the plight of a conservative in the People’s Republic.


3 thoughts on “Dave Foster Against the Smug, Self-Satisfied Place That Steals Everyone’s Money

    1. I thought it was a bit subtle, too.

      At least folks in Arlington now have a non-Dem on the County Board. Alexandria’s GOP councilcritters were swept out in the 2012 tide.

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