ISIS in Ferguson, Mo.?

Have the two biggest stories of the moment collided?

Video of Jake Tapper delivering a report on CNN from Ferguson, Mo. shows a person carrying an Islamic State sign (“ISIS Here” or perhaps “IS IS Here” with the first IS being Islanic State and the second IS the verb) down the street behind him.


Add to this the encouragement on social media to use this incident as a flashpoint:


Add to this that of the 78 people arrested a few nights ago only three were from Ferguson and you start to wonder.

Come to think of it, this may be a confluence of THREE stories, not two — Ferguson, ISIS and the border crisis. Recall that Korans, Islamic prayer rugs and Urdu to English dictionaries have been found near the southern border amidst the influx of illegal aliens. There have long been rumors of terrorist organizations dealing with the Mexican drug cartels to get people across the border. We may finally have crossed that Rubicon for real this time.