Bob McDonnell’s #trendingmeme

Latest meme – #scumbagbob


He disappointed a lot of people with what he did while in office. He has disappointed even more with the way he has conducted his defense.


One thought on “Bob McDonnell’s #trendingmeme

  1. I really don’t get this. DJRippert sums it up better than I could over at Bearing Drift:

    “Let’s say they really do detest each other. I doubt it but let’s assume. Your belief is that Bob should have gone to jail to protect an apparently unbalanced woman who made everybody’s life around her miserable as she was lusting after Jonnie Williams?

    She’s a wife, not a child or a puppy. She is charged in the indictment. If she really was bat**** crazy and that contributed to the behavior why wouldn’t Bob have to explain that in his own defense? You really think he should go to jail to falsely present an apparently unhinged woman as a lovely person? Do you believe the same in reverse? If Nancy Pelosi was indicted and her husband was a raving lunatic who caused most of the problems for the Pelosi family and lusted after a female campaign donor would you think that Nancy shouldn’t throw her husband “to the wolves” (in other words, tell the truth)?”

    If Bob was a woman, I doubt anyone would be talking about this. It’s bizarre sexism. That it comes from conservatives much of the time just makes it more bizarre.

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