Women respond to John Foust’s comments about #realjobs

John Foust really stepped in it, stating last week that he didn’t think that Barbara Comstock ever had a “real job”.

This comment hasn’t sat well with any number of people, especially women in the 10th District. The Comstock campaign released the following and it’s absolutely spot on:

ICYMI: Women Respond To John Foust’s Insulting Comments

Sterling, VA — At an event last week, John Foust, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, attacked his opponent, Delegate Barbara Comstock, saying:

“I don’t think she’s even had a real job.” (8/21, Ashburn Rising)

Since the remarks were made, women from across the 10th District and beyond have come out in support of Barbara Comstock and real jobs.

Noriko Behling

“Barbara Comstock is a hard working mother, lawyer, Virginia Delegate, and now candidate for Congress. She worked tirelessly across party lines to pass a bill that promotes research jobs in Northern Virginia. Now her opponent attacks Barbara for not having a ‘real job,’ just as his supporters have attacked me for not being capable of writing my own letter to the editor to the Sun Gazette explaining the importance of Barbara’s accomplishments. We are tired of the Foust campaign implying that women who support Barbara are not capable of thinking for themselves. Mr. Foust needs to apologize for his remarks and get his campaign to stop demeaning women.”

Mina Ebrahimi

“I was appalled to see the comments that John Foust made about Barbara Comstock never even having a ‘real job.’ As someone who is the president and CEO of a catering business in the Washington DC Metro Area, I understand the hard work it takes to run a small business. His comments are insulting to women and the small businesses that are creating real jobs all across the District.”

Donna Widawski

“I was particularly insulted by Foust’s comments. Like Barbara, and thousands of people who live in the 10th District, I was a federal employee. I worked for over ten years as a member of the US Secret Service protecting two US Presidents and their families. I gave up my career to stay home not only to take care of our newborn daughter but also to take care of a seriously ill parent. Even while juggling my responsibilities at home, I managed to give countless hours of volunteer time using my security training to protect children and families throughout Northern Virginia. As a former federal employee, I find John Foust’s comments insulting. The District is filled with hard working federal employees who work the very ‘real jobs’ that John Foust dismissed. If Foust doesn’t think we have a real job working for the United States of America, why is he running to represent us in Congress?”

Catherine Lorenze

“These remarks from John Foust are really disheartening. Our area has one of the highest concentrations of working women. John Foust’s comments demeaned the contributions and sacrifices that all Northern Virginia women make to their children and spouses. Northern Virginia women should not have to prove to men like Foust that working and raising a family are, in fact, ‘real jobs.’ All Foust proved is that his antiquated thinking no longer has a place in the U.S. Congress.”

Julie Williams

“As a business owner and a mom, I find John Foust’s comments about Barbara Comstock inexcusable. They demean the inherent dignity of mothers and working women throughout the 10th District. For him to say ‘I don’t think she’s even had a real job’ is either terribly mean-spirited and misogynistic, or a recklessly crafted political ploy. I know firsthand the challenges that working moms face each day. Barbara Comstock has not only had real jobs, she has created real jobs and has displayed real dedication to serving her constituents here in Virginia by supporting legislation to expand employment opportunities, fight human trafficking, save taxpayers money and so much more.”

Patricia Jackson

“John Foust’s comments are insulting to women and federal employees who are working the ‘real jobs’ and paying John Foust’s very real taxes. It’s also ironic that Foust attacks Barbara Comstock when her impressive career far surpasses that of his. Whether it’s been working as an aide to Congressman Wolf, raising her children while attending law school or serving her constituents as a Delegate, Barbara Comstock is the most qualified candidate and will help to create jobs all throughout the District.”

Kristin Kalina

“As a wife, mother and working professional myself, I am insulted of John Foust’s characterization of Barbara Comstock as not ever having a ‘real job.’ It’s sad that Democrats like Foust continue to berate women who try to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with the financial needs of the family and their own person and professional goals. I’d like to ask Mr. Foust what exactly is a ‘real job’?”

Anne Gruner

“Of course Barbara Comstock has had real jobs, unless you don’t believe that being a congressional staffer, a lawyer, or a federal employee are real jobs. What better experience than working on the staff of the Congressman whose seat one aspires to fill? And just like her mentor Frank Wolf, Barbara has been great in terms of constituent services. She also has worked as a Federal employee, like so many of her constituents, and understand the challenges they face. Barbara has written legislation and worked on a bipartisan basis to promote economic growth and job creation. In short, Barbara’s credentials for representing us in Congress are impeccable and I’m proud and excited to support her!”


One thought on “Women respond to John Foust’s comments about #realjobs

  1. Looks like he hit himself with another metaphorical torpedo….how much longer before his ship sinks?

    Democrat John Foust continues to dig.

    The 10th congressional candidate, feeling the sting from his earlier remarks about Republican nominee Barbara Comstock never having held a “real job” decided it was a good strategy to try explaining himself:

    He called it a poor choice of words that were taken out of context.

    “I was speaking to the fact that I served on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and as chairman of the Fairfax Economic Advisory Commission and have experience in investing in transportation and education—all these things that create jobs,” Foust said. “I was pivoting to compare my opponent’s—what I call hyper partisan—job experience in Washington.”

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