Democrats’ “Foustian” Bargain Gets Worse All The Time

The Democrats’ nominee in the 10th Congressional District John Foust is trying to get out from under the self-inflicted controversy where he accused his GOP opponent Barbara Comstock of never having had a real job (despite a long list of her public and private sector jobs not to mention being a wife and mother.)

But instead of helping himself, he just keeps on digging that hole he’s already in, making it deeper by the word.

Foust got a chance to defend his statement during a visit to Ashby Ponds in Ashburn today. He called it a poor choice of words that were taken out of context.

“I was speaking to the fact that I served on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and as chairman of the Fairfax Economic Advisory Commission and have experience in investing in transportation and education—all these things that create jobs,” Foust said. “I was pivoting to compare my opponent’s—what I call hyper partisan—job experience in Washington.”

So now he’s arguing that his being an elected official is a “real job” compared to pretty much any other job out there. Sounds an awful lot like “you didn’t build that,” the government did “all these things that create jobs.” Nevermind that Comstock serves on the Commerce and Labor, Transportation and Science and Technology Committees as a Delegate.

Also rich?

He described himself as the kind of Democrat the 10th District wants to support. He didn’t go as far to call himself a moderate, but said he’s “a fiscal conservative with an independent streak.”

Says the guy who has voted for a tax hike EVERY YEAR since he took office in 2008. Maybe he’s conservative with his own money but it sure isn’t with taxpayers’ dollars. What a joke.

I once asked a Democrat what a “fiscal conservative” was. The answer was one who raises taxes so that the budget is balanced. Something tells me that is Foust’s (mis)understanding of the term as well.

Is it any wonder that this “Foustian” Bargain the Democrats have made is getting worse all the time? They must be praying the deal isn’t altered any further…


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