Barbara Comstock win first debate against John Foust

It wasn’t even close.

Barbara Comstock walked into the townhall hosted by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, NVTC and others and absolutely ran circles around John Foust, showing why she’s the clear choice for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.

Barbara Comstock articulated a clear message to an audience she has worked with for years as a Delegate and while working for Rep. Frank Wolf, while John Foust tried to focus on social issues during a debate before business leaders looking for his thoughts on economic and energy policy, leading to a flip-flop-flub of epic proportions on the shovel ready, job producing Keystone pipeline:

While the Foust campaign shot out a canned release that focused on abortion while declaring victory after the debate, the Comstock for Congress campaign sent something more thought out and showing exactly what happened – just another bit of evidence on which campaign was better prepared, respected their audience, and understands what issues voters in the 10th district face:

“At this morning’s 10th Congressional District Town Hall, Delegate Comstock was the decisive winner and demonstrated why she is the candidate with the experience, values and vision who will work on a bipartisan basis to get things done in Congress. Delegate Comstock highlighted her long work experience in the public and private sector working for the 10th District from working as a senior aide to Congressman Wolf, to her Justice Department experience and her stellar record as a Delegate. Delegate Comstock has worked with the Chambers and the Northern Virginia Technology Council for years successfully passing legislation such as her Research and Development tax credit, data center legislation, telework bills, and competitive bidding legislation.

“John Foust failed the test today. He was clearly unprepared to discuss even the most basic issues facing Congress and America. He offered no plan to help veterans get jobs and took two completely different positions on the Keystone Pipeline. Throughout the debate Foust repeatedly demonstrated that he has given little if any thought to solving the real problems facing Northern Virginia and our country.

“Delegate Comstock also emphasized her support for a strong all of the above energy economy highlighting her support for the job creating Keystone Pipeline and offshore drilling which would bring a steady stream of revenue for transportation. Delegate Comstock’s opponent made clear his lockstep support of the failed Obama/Pelosi economic agenda by opposing offshore drilling, opposing the Keystone Pipeline, opposing competitive bidding, opposing Virginia’s coal industry, and supporting Obamacare.

“This debate made clear that Delegate Comstock is the only candidate in the race with the experience and record of support throughout Virginia’s technology and business community, and our defense and contracting community, to hit the ground running on Day One, fighting for the working men and women, families and businesses of the 10th District.

“She has earned the endorsement of major job creating and entrepreneurial groups in the Commonwealth and nationally: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National and Virginia Realtors, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Association of Builders and Contractors, Virginia Credit Union League, and many Virginia business, community and elected leaders.”

Comstock and Foust are set to debate again at least once more on September 24th. Maybe John Foust will be better prepared then…


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