Bob McDonnell was a WHAT?!?!

Reactions to the Bob McDonnell verdict our pouring in, and there’s one in particular (from many of his defenders) that I find completely flabbergasting.

The ex-Governor’s defenders are calling him a “man of integrity.” My jaw hits the table each time I see that.

Folks, Bob McDonnell spent all of 2009 insisting he would not raise taxes. He blasted his opponent (Creigh Deeds) for even considering it, and rode the issue to a landslide win in November of that year.

In the last year of his term (as it happens, last year) he broke that promise in spectacular fashion, ramming through the largest tax increase in at least 40 years.

Even then, he skirted the truth. He insisted the tax hike was for relieving commuter congestion, but in fact his top priority was actually a parallel road to US 460 that wasn’t needed for traffic relief – and which the Army Corps of Engineers said he couldn’t build anyway (Bacon’s Rebellion).

So please, spare me the “man of integrity” nonsense. If you want to complain about the federal decision to prosecute McDonnell (as opposed to other Virginians) or the bizarre nature of the “honest service fraud” statute, that’s one thing.

But Bob McDonnell was no angel.

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2 thoughts on “Bob McDonnell was a WHAT?!?!

  1. The classic Democratic plea employed by Virginia’s establishment Republicans – when you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar always remember your first line of public defense is “It’s not ME, I’m the victim here!”

  2. Sigh. Bob McDonnell spent 3 years wringing every last dime he could grasp for transportation before he turned to taxes. Expansion & acceleration of bonds (aka borrowing)? Check. Expanded PPT projects? Check (Grab your EZPass, folks). They even began a program to sell of the naming rights. That was after a full audit of VDOT.

    He tried to sell of the state liquor board, but the GA wouldn’t let him. He also tried to divert more money from the general fund to transportation, but the Democratic Senate wouldn’t hear of it.

    Also remember that the original McDonnell plan was a complete phase-out of the gas tax – no wholesale percentage – it was to go away. The Senate wouldn’t agree to that, partly because Republicans splintered off giving more leverage to Democrats.

    And so we ended up with what we had.

    The idea that Bob McDonnell had a super-secret tax-raising, pledge-busting agenda is bunk.

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