John Foust Needs To Come Clean

Last week the Washington Post tried to bail out the panicking John Foust campaign with a non-issue of a hit piece against Barbara Comstock – which coincidentally came out the day after Bob McDonnell’s ethics conviction. Funny that.

This morning, both the DCCC and John Foust are trying to capitalize on this with nonsense of their own, with Foust going so far as to make this asinine demand:

The first step Comstock must take now is to immediately disclose a complete list of her past clients – including dates, compensation received, and the issue areas she worked on – so Northern Virginians can learn if any conflicts of interest have occurred.

Note, “Northern Virginians” – not the people of the 10th district he’s supposedly trying to represent…

To which the Comstock campaign should say “no”.

But, hey, good for the goose, good for the gander, right?

John Foust must immediate disclose:

– A complete list of every client he ever had as a lawyer
– A complete list of donors to his Supervisor campaigns
– A complete list of how those donors and clients benefited from his vote for a tax hike and increased spending EVERY YEAR
– A complete account of the work his wife, Marilyn Jerome, does under contract for the Department of Justice

Only then can the people of the 10th District really know the true quality of John Foust.

If he refuses to do any of these things, well, what is he hiding?

Grow up, guys.


4 thoughts on “John Foust Needs To Come Clean

  1. If this is the depth to which they are stopping, then they must really be desperate. The fact that Comstock did so well in the debate last week must have them very uneasy about their chances.

  2. Apparently Jack Trammell, the Democrat running in the 7th District against David Brat hasn’t filed ANY documentation concerning finances (perhaps he has recently, but it was reported in the past that he had not done so).

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