What the Endorsments in Virginia’s 10th District Say About the Race

Put them side by side and it’s clear which campaign is racking up the endorsements on the issues that matter most to families in the 10th District:

Barbara Comstock
National Association of Women Business Owners
Virginia Police Benevolent Association
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
National and Virginia Realtors
National Federation of Independent Businesses
Association of Builders and Contractors
Virginia Credit Union League
…and many more

John Foust
23 labor unions
Human Rights Campaign
League of Conservation Voters
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Planned Parenthood
…and a few more

If you think women’s health is all about abortion and like your elected officials in the pocket of Big Labor, then John Foust is your guy.

If you think jobs and a strong economy that help put food on the table and roof over your head are important, then Barbara Comstock has got your back.

Which do you think does more to appeal to the independent voters that’ll make up this election?


2 thoughts on “What the Endorsments in Virginia’s 10th District Say About the Race

  1. Seriously, folks. This election is an absolute no-brainer! The voters of the 10th District, in my view, will do themselves an absolute disservice if they don’t elect Barbara Comstock to Congress!

  2. Saw this on the Comstock for Congress website. Thought it was worth passing along, as is debunks one of Foust’s commercials:

    John Foust Misleads Virginians

    Sterling, VA— John Foust has been on the campaign trail for almost 10 months and we’ve yet to hear a signature accomplishment. It turns out that his meager claims of accomplishments that he brags about in his ad “Waste” are largely the work of others, not himself.

    Comstock for Congress Campaign Manager Susan Falconer released the following statement in response to John Foust’s misleading ad:

    “It’s sad that John Foust has to resort to misleading Virginians in an attempt to bulk up his résumé. He has never balanced a budget himself. In fact, he is not on record anywhere supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment in his Congressional race as Delegate Barbara Comstock does, just like Congressman Wolf before her. Fairfax County is legally required to have a balanced budget, and John Foust’s real contributions and solutions have been to repeatedly raise taxes again and again. Foust takes credit for finding and eliminating waste that he had little to do with and much of it predated his tenure on the Board or was accomplished by the County Executive.”

    “I’m John Foust, and to balance seven budgets in Fairfax County, we had to cut a lot of waste.”

    Fairfax County Is Required By Law To Have A Balanced Budget, Unlike The Federal Government That Can Incur Debt.

    “Unlike the federal government which can incur a deficit to fund its day‐to‐day operations, [Fairfax County] by law must operate within the parameters of a “balanced” budget, meaning that expenditures cannot exceed incoming tax revenue for the budget year.” (Explaining Federal, State and Local Government Responsibilities in Virginia,http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/, Accessed 8/16/14)

    “We consolidated offices”
    On Screen: Saved $263,000

    “Started sharing printers. We can walk a few feet.”
    On Screen: Saved $475,000

    “Replaced the computers but kept the monitors. They still work fine.”
    On Screen: Saved $1,200,000

    John Foust Is Taking Credit For The Hard Work Of The County Executive In Identifying These Cost Reductions.

    In September 2007, Two Months Before Foust Was Elected To The Board, County Executive Anthony Griffin Ordered A Review Of County Spending To Be Implemented In The FY 2010 Budget. “In September 2007, I initiated a review of the County’s discrete Lines of Business (LOBs). This LOBs process utilizes budgetary data from the FY 2008 Adopted Budget Plan since the FY 2009 Advertised Budget Plan will not be completed by the time the LOBS are presented to the Board of Supervisors for review.” (Letter To Board Of Supervisors, Fairfax County Executive Anthony Griffin, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/, 1/31/08)

    Foust Is Taking Credit For The County Finding Two Leases, Including One For A Backup 911 Call Center That Had Already Been Relocated.“Eliminates two facility lease agreements for the Office of Community Revitalization and Reinvestment (OCRR) and the back-up 911 Emergency Center. Relocation of OCRR to an existing County-owned facility will result in a cost savings. In addition, the opening of the McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center (MPSTOC) has resulted in the back-up 911 Emergency Center being located at the Pine Ridge site. The current lease facility for 911 back-up is no longer required.” (Lines of Business Reduction Impact Statements, FY 2010 Adopted Budget Plan,http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/)

    The County Executive Identified 111 Printers That Could Be Cut, Saving $475,000. “This reduction will decrease the printer/copier fleet by 111 copiers, including the corresponding amount of paper they would need.” (Lines of Business Reduction Impact Statements, FY 2010 Adopted Budget Plan, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/)

    The County Executive Identified Cost Savings By Keeping Existing Computer Monitors. “In order to address a projected FY 2010 budget shortfall, the County Executive proposed, and the Board of Supervisors adopted, a series of budget reductions affecting all General Fund-supported agency budgets. Since IT is a foundational requirement that supports County business operations, DIT’s FY 2010 reductions were carefully designed to retain operational capacity for supporting basic county programs and services, safeguarding and leveraging critical infrastructure investments, and preserving existing baseline programs while reducing new projects that require future support and maintenance. Fund 505 reductions include low risk program modifications such as deferring PC replacements in FY 2010 which effectively extends the PC Replacement program from a 4 to 5 year cycle, as well as the decision to not replace monitors at the time of normal PC replacement unless necessary for effective use. These adjustments provide one-time and recurring savings which were balanced against the potential risk of greater equipment failure, security vulnerabilities associated with older equipment and related impact on county employee productivity.” (Fund 505 Technology Infrastructure Services, FY 2010 Adopted Budget Plan, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/)

    “We even discovered that the phone company over charged us by three million dollars.”

    John Foust had nothing to do with discovering the overcharges to Verizon, which had been identified by the Fairfax County Department of Information Technology over a year before Foust was first elected.

    Fairfax County Had Been Recovering Overpayments To Verizon Since 2006, Before John Foust Was Ever Elected To The Board Of Supervisors. “The County has separate agreements with phone companies to provide landline and wireless services. The County’s landline phone provider, Verizon, has consistently overbilled the County for phone services. Since 2006, the Department of Information Technology has successfully recovered over $3.1 million from Verizon for overbilled phone service charges. The County Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing what recourse, if any, the County has to ensure that Verizon complies with the acceptable billing practices. We identified additional cost savings opportunities for the County’s new wireless contracts, including pay-per-use rates for wireless devices and negotiating exemptions and waivers for discretionary fees and services.” (September 2011 Quarterly Report, Office of Financial & Program Audit, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/, 9/11)

    The Overbilling Issue Was Discovered By The Fairfax County Department Of Information Technology. “The Department of Information Technology (DIT) monitors the County’s landline phone service contracts with Verizon. As part of its monitoring efforts, DIT identified significant billing errors in the Verizon landline phone accounts. Since 2006, DIT has successfully recovered over $3.1 million from Verizon for overbilled phone service charges.” (September 2011 Quarterly Report, Office of Financial & Program Audit, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/, 9/11)

    “Oh and we definitely didn’t need so many government studies.”
    On Screen: Saved $550,000

    Dating back to 2008, John Foust’s name appears only once in an Auditor report – and the mention is regarding his proposal for a government study.

    In 2013, John Foust Proposed That The Office of Financial and Program Audit Study Their Cash Investments Returns. “On March 5, 2013, through a Joint Board Matter presented by Chairman Bulova and Supervisor Foust (Audit Committee Chairman) the Office of Financial and Program Audit was directed to examine the County’s rate of return on cash investments.” (May 2013 Quarterly Report, Office of Financial & Program Audit, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/, 5/13)


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