Jacobs Campaign Escalates Their Dirty Tricks In Brentsville Sign Wars

Scott Jacobs’ campaign has a troubling pattern when it comes to campaign signs in the race for Brentsville District Supervisor in Prince William County – troubling in that they seem to be unable to adhere to even the most basic of state laws and county ordinances.

First, they were putting up signs illegally outside the 90-day window before an election because a date for the nomination contest had not yet been set (not to mention doing so in the VDOT right of way where no signs are permitted). Strike one.

Next, they’ve been putting up signs without the requisite “paid for” disclaimer. Strike two.

Here is one near Sudley Manor / Vint Hill Road:


And here are some near Patriot High School:

IMG_1492 IMG_1498 IMG_1501

Finally, the Jacobs’ campaign has resorted to stealing Jeanine Lawson’s campaign signs and then coming back to put Jacobs signs in their place.


Take note of the Jacobs bumper sticker on the rear window of this person’s car. Strike three.

So you have a Jacobs campaign supporter committing simple larceny (which is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor carrying a penalty of confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both).

If you know who this man is, please let us know so we can alert the local authorities for purposes of prosecution.

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14 thoughts on “Jacobs Campaign Escalates Their Dirty Tricks In Brentsville Sign Wars

  1. I couldn’t give two sh**s about number one, because everybody DOES do it, and people only seem to complain about politicians who do, when politicians are the only ones who clean up their signs.

    Numbers two and three are more serious.

  2. Looks like this sign was put up illegally by Jeanine Lawson on the property of Brenda and Richard Wolfe. They had someone take it down because they never gave permission for it to be put up in the first place and are furious that Jeanine would assume she can put a sign on their property just because they are Republicans. When someone trespasses and leaves their things on your property can you not get rid of it?

  3. I have discovered who this is. I hope they use the next day or so to get right with the law on their own terms before I help make them right before the law on the law’s terms.

    Tick, tock.

    1. Sign was put on the private property of someone that never gave permission and actually supports Scott over Jeanine. Pretty sure a property owner has the right to control what is and is not on their own property. Guess Jeanine doesn’t support personal property rights… (joking obviously)

    1. Property is owned by Brenda and Richard Wolfe. I just identified the parties involved. So… Yeah I’m fairly sure it will fly since it’s quite obviously the truth. Also, learn how to take a (bad) joke, Greg.

  4. Lets see if I understand this. A private property owner believes that a Lawson sign has been placed on their property without authorization. In the picture, it is hard to tell where the sign is in relation to anyone’s property.

    In fact, there is little one can glean from the picture other than the identity of the person tearing the sign apart (was that necessary to remove the sign, or was that just a little act of being mean-spirited?) and the car they were driving.

    So how, Mr. Desilets, were you able to discern all the details from this nondescript photo?

    So these distraught property owners have an unauthorized sign on their property, and that is a problem.

    So they call the henchman from the Jacobs campaign to come and take it down?

    Usually an aggrieved property owner takes care of their own property.

    Does the Jacobs campaign mow the grass of this homeowner too?

  5. Mr. Desilets:
    I just checked property records and the only property in PWC owned by Brenda Wolfe is a residential lot with a home in Victory Lakes. I think perhaps you meant Brenda Walsh, who is a large landowner in the Rural Crescent who wants to sell her land to build hundreds of homes directly across from Braemar. Brenda Wolfe is the real estate agent for Stone Haven. It’s okay, I understand it is easy to get all these developer/landowner/realtor names all mixed up when you are muddling around in the swamp otherwise known as the Scott Jacobs campaign. Plus you must be confused from pretending to Congressman Wittman that you are keeping out of this campaign whilst in reality you are waist deep in the swamp. So in summation, Brenda Wolfe = Real estate agent who wants us to swallow the 1600 homes at Stone Haven and Brenda Walsh = Landowner who wants the BOCS to approve a rezoning of her land for hundreds of homes. Got it?

  6. The fact of the matter is the information above is false. Start doing your homework before you post something that you are not sure about. These idiots should come out and apologize for getting it wrong. People who don’t even know Jacobs are attacking him. I have yet to see any of his people attack Lawson. Makes you wonder. One is focused on the issues and the other is focused on the opponent.

    1. “Republicans are pathetic”, eh? Sounds like another one of the folks who seem to think that the nominations process for the Republican Party should be decided by people who don’t consider themselves to be a part of it.

  7. What part of this is wrong?

    Is it the part that a campaign worker Scott Jacobs took down a sign that allegedly was on private property without authorization, proceeded to rip it up, and trash it?

    Or is it the part that the Scott Jacobs campaign is systematically searching out Lawson campaign signs to destroy them and replace the Lawson campaign signs with Jacob signs (as is now being reported by others)?

    Or is it the part that expensive campaign signs, that are important part of building name identification in local campaign, are being destroyed and thereby suppressing the First Amendment rights of those who make contributions to the Lawson campaign for the very purpose of expressing their support for her.

    And with respect to the relative campaign strategies, it is Scott Jacobs who is ducking every joint appearance with Jeanine Lawson that he can. And do not feed me any BS that Jacobs had a anniversary date with his wife. First, in the middle of an election that’s coming up in just a couple of days, you can delay that and have just as romantic and meaningful date next week after you’ve lost. Second, there are multiple events on multiple days that Jacobs refused to participate in.

    And the truth is, Jeanine Lawson is laid out her positions on numerous issues, has been through the campaign wars before, and is ready and willing to engage in any discussion with Scott Jacobs if he would just show up and talk about his positions. I met Jeanine Lawson when she knocked on my door and spent nearly 20 minutes talking issues.

    I was sold then, and I am sold now.

    Scott Jacobs hasn’t knocked on my door yet, but when he does he will get a earful.

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