Scott Jacobs Disqualified by PWC GOP Nominations Committee

The Derecho and The Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County are reporting that the Prince William County Republican Committee’s Temporary Nominations Committee for the open Brentsville Dist. Supervisor seat disqualified candidate Scott Jacobs for failure to file his statement and filing fee on time in accordance with the official call:

Filing for the Nomination for Brentsville District Supervisor

Any person who desires to seek the Republican nomination for the Brentville District Supervisor, Prince William County, VA ***must*** submit a written statement to that effect, along with a non-refundable filing fee of $895.00 (Eight Hundred ninety five dollars and no cents), to the Temporary Nominations Committee, at Prince William County Republican Committee, Attn: Nominations, P.O. Box 1955, Manassas, VA  20108-0806, postmarked on or before September 24th, 2014. (emphasis added)

Really? Jacobs’ campaign couldn’t even do something THAT simple correctly?

Word is that Jacobs’ team is going to try and drive their turnout for the meeting in order to challenge the ruling of the nominations committee from the floor. Jeanine Lawson’s supporters cannot take anything for granted and must show up to ensure that the rules as written are enforced.

However, in the end it does not matter how those attending the mass meeting want to handle this. The official call is the trump card here and it specifically states that candidates “must submit a written statement . . . along with a non-refundable filing fee of $895.00 . . . postmarked on or before September 24th, 2014.” There is no changing what the official call states and Robert’s Rules of Order will back that up. Furthermore, there can be no nominations from the floor since the official call does not allow for that.

What does matter is if this process is dragged out, it might give Democrats or an independent an opportunity to organize and get behind a candidate in this race. The only way that Jacobs’ name can be placed in contention for the nomination at the mass meeting is if Lawson’s supporters allow it to take place or do not challenge the outcome of a floor vote to permit it if Jacobs were to prevail on the question. If that happens, then this mass meeting would surely be overturned by the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee as it has with other recent mass meetings in Fauquier and Campbell counties that were not held in accordance with the party plan, the official call and/or Robert’s Rules of Order.

Under the rules as set forth and as would ultimately be upheld by RPV, only one candidate – Jeanine Lawson – has qualified to seek the GOP nomination at the Oct. 1 mass meeting. Scott Jacobs needs to acknowledge this and get behind the nominee of the party.

UPDATE: So much for being a good sport. Jacobs is bolting the party to run as an independent.


10 thoughts on “Scott Jacobs Disqualified by PWC GOP Nominations Committee

    1. Excellent question. I suppose if he has no core beliefs or allegiance to the party whose nomination was is currently seeking, he might be able to do so. I’m not sure if the “sore loser” provision barring him from doing so would apply if he doesn’t actually get his name placed in nomination.

    2. Mr. Jacobs is free to run as an independent; however, if he does so then he — along with those who publicly support his candidacy against the Republican nominee Jeanine Lawson — will be deemed to have resigned from any Republican committee they are on, and if they attend the mass meeting and sign the required Statement of Intent, they will be barred from participating in Republican party actions for four years.

      Actions have consequences.

  1. The filing deadline for the special has not been set yet. There are no sore-loser laws for party run nominating processes. Normally there isn’t much time between when the process is held and the filing deadline. In this case it could be several weeks. If you support Jeanine, it is still vitally important that you attend the Mass Meeting. The State Central Committee will not have time to hear an appeal before the special election. The other appeals RPV recently dealt with were for Party offices. Bottom line is that Jeanine needs to have more supporters at the meeting than Scott Jacobs.

  2. I’m thinking this was intentional. Thinking he might loose in the mass meeting, he did this so he could blame the GOP and then run as an Independent which would give him more time and voters of all parties to elect him.

  3. I heard he handed delivered but it was required that is be postmarked. Its that in Roberts Rules. Anyway is he still allowed to attend the mass meeting and get votes. He seems to be willing to do anything to get nominated, sign stealing, developer/home builders having employees vote for him, the man will stop at nothing obviously.

  4. It sounds like a technicality, but it’s one that a candidate with a clue would not have made. The rules called for the form to be *postmarked* on or before Sept. 24. His was instead hand-delivered on Sept. 25, which means he probably forgot about it. Those were the rules, and a prospective government official who doesn’t read the rules is, uhh, not ideal.

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