Scott Jacobs Launches Independent Candidacy — Is He a Tool or a Fool?

How’s this for being such a loyal Republican? You screw up the easiest thing a candidate has to do — stick a check and a letter in an envelope, place a stamp on it and drop it off at the local post office to be postmarked by a specified date — and then you start to whine and claim victimhood status when you don’t own up to your mistake and take responsibility for the action (or lack thereof) of your own campaign. You then bolt the party to launch an independent candidacy because your campaign was so inept as to prove itself incapable of mailing a simple letter.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 30, 2014


Jacobs: “Every voter deserves a choice in a fair, open election.”

Nokesville, VA — In a closed-door meeting last weekend, three party insiders on the nominating committee voted to stop Scott Jacobs, a candidate for Brentsville District Supervisor and Nokesville native, from participating in the party’s nomination process. This move by party insiders cleared the pathway for their friend and activist, Jeanine Lawson, to become the Republican nominee despite the widespread support for Scott Jacobs in the Brentsville District.

As a result of the decision, Jacobs, who is being endorsed by over 100 local small businesses and the Prince William Association of Realtors, has announced that he will continue his campaign as an Independent candidate.

In a statement, Scott Jacobs wrote:

“What they’ve told Republican voters is, ‘You don’t deserve to pick your candidates – we do.”

“I believe every voter deserves a choice in a fair, open election. I believe in democracy and my commitment to serve the citizens of Brentsville has never been stronger. That is why I’m going to give voters the choice that they deserve and that they are being denied.”

“This election isn’t about party allegiances; it is about which candidate can best facilitate the changes necessary to bring high-paying, professional jobs to the district as well as a higher quality of life for all. That is why over 100 local businesses have announced their support for my campaign, and why more are doing so every day, they know that I can get the job done.”

“During this past year, I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with many people who believe we can build a stronger local economy, stronger schools, and stronger families right here in the Brentsville District. These citizens deserve a leader who will put it all on the line. Now voters will have a chance to cast their votes at the ballot box, fair and square. I look forward to finishing the race I started as I look forward to the future, encouraged by citizens who want to build a welcoming district full of economic opportunity and a prospering community for all.”

“That’s why I’m proud to keep fighting for a stronger Brentsville and will continue my campaign for Brentsville District Supervisor as an Independent candidate this December.”


Background: As a result of the nominating committee’s decision, Scott Jacobs’ name will not appear on the ballot for his party’s nomination process, nor will he receive the Republican Party’s endorsement. At this time, without a Democrat candidate announced, Jacobs expects to face Jeanine Lawson, an activist and the party’s presumptive nominee, in a special election on December 23rd.

Scott Jacobs is a native of Nokesville, a small business owner, husband, and father of two.

What a load of crap and every one of Jacobs’ supporters needs to understand that it was their own candidate’s fault he did not qualify for the ballot. The requirements were as clear as day, posted on the local county GOP website, so easy even a caveman could do it as GEICO commercials used to say and they STILL couldn’t do it. IT WAS SCOTT JACOBS’ AND HIS OWN CAMPAIGN’S FAULT AND THEIR FAULT ALONE THAT THIS FIASCO HAPPENED. Now he wants people to believe that he fell victim to some party insider shenanigans. Give me a break.

I had thought better of Scott until this email arrived. He struck me as someone who, had he handled this right, could have built up good will within the GOP for a future run for office. (Heck, the next primary for this seat will be held in June 2015, only six months after the special election.) Instead, he listened to his tone deaf consultants who have given him nothing but bad advice throughout this campaign so they can continue to line their own pockets as well as to the residential developer community who are backing him to the hilt so they can continue with their rampant exploitation of the county to maximize their profit margins at the expense of taxpayers by building more tax-negative housing.

It is now time to lay the cards out on the table for the other members of the Board of Supervisors. Where do Chairman Corey Stewart and Supervisor Marty Nohe stand on this race? They are both Republicans. Do they support Jeanine Lawson, the Republican nominee, or do they support Scott Jacobs who is running as an independent candidate against the Republican nominee? What about other Republican office holders at the state level who endorsed him or were helping him behind the scenes? Will they abandon the Jacobs ship now that he has abandoned the party? Jacobs has certainly placed all of them in an incredibly awkward position.

So, which is it? Is Jacobs a fool for listening to his consultants or is he simply a tool of residential developers?


School Board Chairman Milt Johns is the first elected official out of the gate with a statement:

Scott Jacobs has just posted on Facebook that he will not be the Republican Candidate for the Brentsville Supervisor Special Election in December, but that he will run as an Independent candidate. Republican Committee members, and especially Republican elected officials, need to come together now to support the only remaining candidate for nomination on Wednesday night, Jeanine Lawson, and then as she prepares for the December special election. We know that there will be an Independent candidate, and there could still be a Democratic opponent.

Virtucon’s own Terrence Boulden, who is also the county YR chairman has announced that he has resigned from Bull Run Stategies in order to keep in line with the party plan and remain as YR Chairman, stating that he had absolutely no part in this fiasco and like a good Republican, he follows the rules.

Austin Haynes, another prominent county GOP activist, called Lawson as soon as he read Jacobs’ release and endorsed Jeanine. Austin previously had stayed out of taking sides in this contest because he likes them both. He even spoke to Jacobs and tried to talk him out of running as an independent.

PWC Chairman Bill Card has sent out the following message:

“We’re not upset that Mr. Jacobs has chosen to run as an Independent. However, I’m greatly disappointed that Scott has decided to criticize the Republican Party and our nomination process. From the beginning, our process was fair and open. In fact, Scott and his campaign were a part of deciding the process from the very start. Mr. Jacobs actually agreed with a Mass Meeting and the filing details at the June 23 meeting that the Committee decided this nomination process.

“His victim attitude and refusal to accept responsibility is unbecoming of a Supervisor. I hope Mr. Jacobs retracts his comments about our Party and process. In Prince William County, we value responsibility no matter what our Party affiliation is.”

And presumptive GOP nominee Jeanine Lawson has issued a statement:

September 30, 2014
For Immediate release

Jeanine Lawson statement to supporters

The Brentsville Special Election Republican Mass Meeting Nominations Committee will report at the Wednesday Mass Meeting that Jeanine Lawson is the sole qualified candidate

Dear Brentsville District Supporters,

I regret that I need to inform you of a very important action which will affect the Republican Nomination Meeting scheduled for October 1st. The other person who was running for the Republican Nomination did not meet the simple filing requirements, placing a check and form in the mail by the required deadline. Because he did not qualify as a Republican nominee, he has now announced he will run as an Independent.

I am confident we have the overwhelming support and would have won if this former Republican could have succeeded in filing properly. The Prince William County Republicans will still hold the meeting tomorrow night.

It is very important for all my supporters to attend, we do not know if the other side will try to disrupt this legitimate meeting.

I am very honored to have your support and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night!

PATRIOT HIGH SCHOOL, 10504 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville
7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. Check-in to vote-you have to be in line by 8:15 in order to receive a ballot
Please read the Call for more information on the October 1st meeting:


3 thoughts on “Scott Jacobs Launches Independent Candidacy — Is He a Tool or a Fool?

  1. It is unfortunate the Scott Jacobs as the candidate and the leader of his own campaign team failed to seemingly note the basic requirements for filing to include the required processes, procedures and timelines. What more can now be said for his campaign to attempt to say that somehow… someway… he was unfairly treated by the Republican Committee he stated he supported up to this point. This is not so. He had many months of time and prior notice to prepare to complete this really basic step to run for office. He did not. The nominating committee did not make this decision….he did so himself by not ensuring the filing correctly in a timely manner. Clearly this presents a glimpse of his abilities as a potential representative of the Brentsville District and how he would represent them. Yes…he is free to now run an “independent campaign” however he may wish strongly reconsider as to whether he is currently capable and competent enough to even conduct such a campaign let alone attempt to represent the people of the Brentsville District here in PWC.

  2. He screwed up and missed a simple deadline, they were right to disqualify him. I don’t like that he implies that Bill Card and Jeanine Lawson (who was able to meet the deadline) are somehow at fault. What a JERK he needs to bow out completely.

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