Nohe to Support Lawson for Brentsville Supervisor; Will Stewart Follow?

In case there was any doubt about Coles Dist. Supervisor Marty Nohe’s allegiance to the Republican Party, let’s put that to rest right now. I had the opportunity yesterday to ask Marty about the situation that has developed in the Brentsville race with Scott Jacobs bolting the party to mount an independent campaign leaving Jeanine Lawson as the sole qualified Republican candidate for the nomination. Here is how it played out:

RILEY: Now that Jeanine is the only GOP candidate in the Brentsville race and will officially become the nominee tomorrow night, are you going to issue an endorsement, statement, etc.?

NOHE: Thanks for asking. First of all, let me say that I am not so vain as to think that there is anyone in the Brentsville District who is waiting to decide how to vote in December based on my recommendation. But as a member of the PWC Republican Committee, and a Republican elected official, I always support the Republican nominee.

There you have it. Nohe always supports the Republican nominee and tonight Jeanine Lawson will claim that title at the Brentsville mass meeting. That’s good enough for me.

Now let’s see how long it takes PWC Chairman Corey Stewart to clarify his stance on this race. You can bet that even if he does publicly commit to supporting Lawson as the party’s nominee that people will still keep a very close eye on him to make certain that he is not offering any behind the scenes support or assistance to Jacobs. Given how his 2013 Lt. Gov. campaign played out, such vigilence should not be surprising.


6 thoughts on “Nohe to Support Lawson for Brentsville Supervisor; Will Stewart Follow?

  1. I’ve been told by a hugely reliable source Corey had stated in writing to that individual he will publicly endorse Jeanine. That said, you are correct. He can’t be trusted NOT to work for Jacobs’ behind the scenes, and he will, to satisfy his developer bosses. I’ve also heard Jacobs “will get the Democratic vote, so this could be close in December”. The Dem’s conceded the district as unwinnable. Jacobs running as an independent will not alter the inevitable December results because there weren’t enough Dem voters to support their own candidate, let alone an independent who they know is (ostensibly) a second Republican candidate. Jeanine can’t and won’t take it for granted but Jacobs hasn’t a snowballs chance in July to win.

    1. Except plenty of Dems in that district are closer to Jeanine on issues of development than they are to Jacobs. They either won’t show up or will vote for her.

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