How to get published by the WaPo: Be a Democratic donor

Today the Washington Post ran a highly partisan attack letter to the editor targeting Barbara Comstock. The Washington Post, of course, has yet to run a single letter hitting John Foust for his sexist attacks on Barbara Comstock or his record on hiking taxes, but this screed was a’ok with the WaPo editors because it backed up their in-kind contribution hit piece from over the weekend that tried to paint Barbara Comstock as far right of Atilla the Hun because she didn’t back the 2013 transportation tax hike that costs Virginia taxpayers BILLIONS.

But let’s talk about today’s author: J. Jay Volkert

Volkert is a repeat contributor to Democratic candidates in the 10th District. In particular, to Barbara Comstock’s opponents, starting with Margaret Vanderhye in 2007 and against in 2009 when she lost her seat to Comstock, to Comstock’s 2011 opponent Pamela Danner, then again to Kathleen Murphy who Comstock beat in 2013. All in all, Volkert has spent $4,500 of his own money trying to beat Barbara Comstock over the years to no avail.

Oh, he’s also an $800 donor to John Foust’s supervisor run.

Now all of this isn’t to say that Dr. Volkert isn’t allowed an opinion. Quite the contrary, he should be allowed to write all of the LtEs and donate to the candidates of his choice. But the Washington Post has an obligation to present the facts, and picking and choosing what insights they wish to share based on their own bias shows a severs lapse in journalistic integrity.

Not that this surprises anyone.