Lawson Unleashes Shock and Awe in Claiming Brentsville GOP Nod

Jeanine Lawson proved the breadth and depth of her support last night in her quest to become the next supervisor representing the Brentsville District on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. After her opponent for the nomination imploded and then bolted to run as an independent, Lawson was left as the sole candidate for the nomination. Despite that fact, 641 registered voters from the Brentsville District turned out on a Wednesday night in early October to support Lawson in what at that point was an uncontested nominating meeting. That is simply amazing — a true show of force or as I would term it, a political shock and awe.


Following is an excerpt from her acceptance speech:

Thank you! I enthusiastically accept the nomination for the Republican Candidate for Brentsville District Supervisor. Thank you Brentsville voters!!!

I am happy, energized and confident as we move forward to the special election set for December 23rd.

As your Brentsville Supervisor, I will provide transparent, interactive government, I will represent you!

I will make it clear with my land use vote that we need to stop using the failed formula which has resulted in the unacceptable overcrowding of our schools!

I will encourage tax positive development, promote employment friendly policies to attract jobs, use our taxpayer transportation funds on projects which will truly relieve our congested roads and I will look for opportunities to expand usable open space and recreation for our families.

I will always keep the taxpayers’ interest first. I will represent you.

I want to thank my family, my husband Dan and our children, my campaign team and all our volunteers.

I especially want to thank you for attending tonight and for your support and I ask for your vote on December 23rd. THANK YOU!!!


(Photo courtesy NOVA Digital)

Of the five sitting GOP supervisors on the county board, Lawson has been formally endorsed by three and a fourth has indicated to Virtucon that he will support the party’s nominee. That only leaves Chairman Corey Stewart to weigh-in on this race.


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    1. Corey was backing Scott Jacobs in the primary (in fact, Corey was behind Jacobs running in the first place.) Jeanine has been very critical of Corey’s votes on land use planning that have exploded the number of tax-negative homes being built in the county as well as the massive 25% tax hike Corey pushed through earlier this year that phases in over 5 years.

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