Unoriginal Dems Regurgitate Talking Points Fed To Them

Everyone does it. DNC, RNC, campaigns, everyone feeds ready rapid response bits to supporters hoping to get some traction on a story here or there. But there’s a way to do it that’s not so obvious. Either the DCCC or Foust campaign hasn’t figured that out. For example:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.46.52 PM

Look at the links. They’re all the EXACT SAME link. Whoops!

See, anyone can make a link. But each time someone makes it, it’s unique to that person. So say I’m an operative at DCCC and I want to give people a list of tweets to push out. I’ll draft it and add the link I created.

So it’ll show up time and time and time again.

If any of these guys had an original thought, they’d share it. But, nope, they have to be fed talking points just like John Foust does.

Right way to do things. Wrong way to do things. But, hey, at least John Foust’s supporters are being honest about the absolute astroturf of a campaign that he’s been running.


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