Foust has a terrible week, Politico rides to the rescue

John Foust is a far left liberal. He might run advertisements claiming to be a moderate and his allies in the media may go out of their way to paint Barbara Comstock as a far right partisan, but the fact of the matter is John Foust is a dark blue progressive who would represent a seismic shift in the representation of the 10th Congressional District.

This fact was clearly highlighted multiple times over the last week as Foust’s record was shown time and time again to be to the extreme left of voters in the 10th District.

Source: Bearing Drift

Foust has secured the endorsement of far left Daily Kos after answering their survey with the site calling him a “bona fide progressive.” In the survey, Foust refused to work with moderate members OF HIS OWN PARTY in the Blue Dog Coalition and Third Way, but he also rejected any effort to fix Social Security aside from EXPANDING IT, openly endorsed card check to force employees to be bullied by Big Labor, and advocated for the END of the filibuster in the Senate.

Then yesterday Barbara Comstock had a heck of a press conference with an impressive group of elected officials strongly supporting her run, including retiring Representative Frank Wolf:

Wolf, who retires in December after 17 terms in office, described Comstock as the experienced candidate in the race. She worked in his congressional office for five years.

“I know Barbara. I know how she performs. I know what kind of values she has with regard to hard work and getting things done,” he said.

Comstock was the last at the podium, and stressed that she would pick up the constituent services work and advocacy for federal employees where Wolf leaves off. She also reiterated that she will work on the issues that matter most to Virginians.

“As I’ve gone around this district, the top priorities continue to be job security, financial security and increasingly national security,” she said. “What people want in their lives is certainty.”

Comstock is considered the front-runner in the race, according to two recent polls. One showed Foust trailing by 12 points and the second had him two points behind.

Oh, and that last part, Foust is trailing in every poll released in the district, including internals from his own financiers.

So Foust and his handlers at the DCCC called in the cavalry, with Politico rolling out today with a piece that regurgitates the old dead fish of a Washington Post article of a mis-filing by Comstock and tries to turn it into an issue that only Democrats seem to think is a problem:

Comstock has been a long-time supporter of Virginia’s right-to-work policies, sponsoring legislation to protect workers’ secret ballot, secure employee privacy in the face of big labor demands, and remove union mandates in state contracts.

This legislation, generally agreed upon by most if not all elected officials with an R next to their name, happened to also be advocated by the Workforce Fairness Institute, a group that Comstock worked for between 2008 and 2012.

Politico is making hay of the fact that this group wasn’t specifically listed in her Virginia Statement of Economic Interests – even though it was disclosed to the fullest extent of Virginia law – and that it was missed (but then corrected) in Comstock’s Congressional economic interest filing as noted by the Washington Post months ago, making this story both irrelevant and old.

Even bloggers at Daily Kos say this is nonsense:

The three anti-union bills Comstock passed while in the pay of the Workforce Fairness Institute were doubtless all things she supported independent of her financial interests, and Virginia ethics rules are so weak it’s not clear she violated them.

Hint: she didn’t.

John Foust and his supporters are desperate. It doesn’t help that National Journal has downgraded his chances with VA-10 slipping in their top 30 potential slip rankings, going from 6th to 21st thanks to John Foust’s sexist attacks on Barbara Comstock’s resume and all working women in the 10th District:

21. VA-10: Republican Rep. Frank Wolf retiring
Republican state Del. Barbara Comstock, who used to work for Wolf, hopes to run on his legacy—Wolf even appeared in her first TV ad. But the increasingly diverse (and increasingly blue) district is in play for Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust. Perhaps the biggest barrier to Democrats flipping this seat: Foust accused Comstock, who has mostly worked in politics, of never having “a real job,” which Republicans called sexist. If Foust fails to hold an advantage among women voters, this could be a wasted opportunity for Democrats.

John Foust: “a wasted opportunity for Democrats.” That’s a heck of a rallying cry.


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  1. “John Foust: “a wasted opportunity for Democrats.” That’s a heck of a rallying cry.” Could NOT have put it better!

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