Has the Post Changed?‏

On October 1, Katharine Weymouth was replaced as publisher of The Washington Post by Fred Ryan. This is one of the bigger changes by the new owner, Jeff Bezos.

The Washington Post recently broke the story that Governor McAuliffe’s top aid offered then Senator Phil Puckett a job to stay in the Senate. This embarrasses the Governor and likely ends a Federal investigation of Republicans accused of the same thing.

The Washington Post recently broke the story of a close White House connection to the Secret Service scandal with Columbian personal services. The White House covered this up to for political reasons.

Allison Grimes won’t even admit that she voted for President Obama.

Today The Washington Post used “Jihadists” in a frontpage headline describing people who the President says are not Muslim. I don’t remember that word being used in a headline before. However they later changed it to “Fighters” in the online headline. But they still use “jihadist” in the body of the story.

Today The Washington Post reports that the mistress of the Democrat Governor of Oregon had a fraudulent marriage to an illegal alien. While this was first reported by another news organization, the old Post likely would have ignored this because it embarrassed a Democrat.

Are things are really changing at the Post? I don’t have a problem with The Washington Post covering Republicans that mess up, but it seems that they are covering more Democrat foibles then they did before. Or do I just have wishful thinking?