Desperate Foust is now LYING to potential donors as WaPo gives him <1% chance of victory

It’s not news that fundraising emails can be over the top. Everything is an EMERGENCY that needs action NOW so your donation can be TRIPLE MATCHED (Hint: There is no triple match. There’s not even a single match.)

But as over the top as some campaigns can be, John Foust takes the cake. He’s already been called out once by NPR of all sources:

But most campaigns, just like the DCCC, focused on the tried-and-true fundraising tactic: old-fashioned fear mongering.

“Infamous” opponents were set to “invade” with their “lies” and “lackeys” — all terms used in an email from a particularly insistent Democratic House hopeful, John Foust of Virginia.

The fearmongering hasn’t stopped. Foust has lost $2.8 million in DCCC assistance because of a poorly run campaign with a self inflicted wound:

Foust, a Fairfax County supervisor, has focused on Comstock’s opposition to abortion in an effort to woo independent female voters. Comstock, a state delegate, has in turn hammered Foust as sexist for questioning whether she’s ever had a “real job.” Several Democrats have privately said that the comment, meant to skewer Comstock’s history as a partisan political operative, was harmful to his campaign.

So he’s pulling out all of the stops to replenish his funds. Including outright lying about the state of the race in Virginia’s 10th:


Let us count the lies.

1) No polls are showing this race deadlocked. Even the biased poll by Nancy Pelosi’s New Majority PAC showed Foust TRAILING by 2, a second poll by the Republican counterpart showed him down by TWELVE POINTS!

2) No, Boehner is not spending $2.8 million in NOVA. $2.8 million just happens to be how much the DCCC took away.


That’s a strike out.

Now, they are right in one area: this is as bad as it gets. You’re down in the polls, the PAC that has been backing your entire operations since day one has pulled EVERY DIME OUT OF THE DISTRICT, and you’re flailing to find a message because you opened your mouth and crammed your misogynist foot inside. You’re so desperate that you have to go to Politico, the news outlet of LAST RESORT (next to Blue Virginia) to plant stories that you can then used for last minute attack ads that are also chock full of lies.

Yeah, that’s about as bad as it gets.

Whoops, wait.

The Washington Post’s panel of experts is giving John Foust a LESS THAN 1% chance of winning the election:

wapo on va10

OK, now THAT’S as bad as it gets.


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