John Foust Doubles Down On “Real Jobs”, Continues Nosedive Into Obscurity

John Foust doesn’t know when he’s hit bottom. He seems to think that he can always go lower. Take last night for instance: given an opportunity to back away from his sexist attack about Barbara Comstock never having a “real job”, Foust instead doubles down, dismissing Comstock’s resume and record as something that “won’t contribute” to anything in Washington.

Nevermind Comstock’s record of legislative success in Richmond. Or her bi-partisan work to stop sex trafficking and increase tech investments in Northern Virginia.

Nope, Comstock won’t contribute. Because John Foust thinks working for the DoJ (which his wife does on the side, by the way) isn’t a “real job.” Or political work (which his entire campaign staff does, by the way) isn’t a “real job.” Or being a mother (which John Foust isn’t, by the way) isn’t a “real job.” Or anything that Barbara Comstock has done it’s a “real job.”

Yet he’s the guy who will tell you he’ll be able to work across the aisle in Washington. He’s sure shown his bi-partisan stripes in this campaign with disgusting partisan attacks that do nothing to elevate the level of debate on the issues that matter most. Nope, he’s going to run a scorched earth campaign on divisive social issues and attacking women for not having “real jobs” if they aren’t the jobs he thinks are truly “real”.

November 4th can’t come fast enough.


7 thoughts on “John Foust Doubles Down On “Real Jobs”, Continues Nosedive Into Obscurity

  1. Comstock Outraises Foust By Nearly Half a Million

    Sterling, VA– Susan Falconer, Campaign Manager released the following statement on the FEC Filing Report:

    “We are pleased that our broad based and diverse support allowed us to outraise our opponent by nearly half a million dollars this quarter $1,300,412 to $858,833. With 19 days to go, we are in strong position to continue to take Barbara’s positive campaign message of getting people back to work, providing patient centered health care, and stopping the defense sequester cuts across the District.

  2. Comstock voted against the Virgina transportation bill
    to help fund the Silver Line. And she voted for the budget
    that did NOT include funding for same. We not forward looking

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