Don Beyer Latest Dem to Open Mouth, Insert Foot and Show Elitist Attitude

The Democrat nominee for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Don Beyer just stepped in it. Apparently he’s too good to meet with “the little people” that he is seeking to represent in Congress…

“I am not going to spend every waking moment knocking on doors of people that aren’t likely to vote or are not likely to vote for me but I’m trying to connect with the important communities and community leaders where I can make the greatest difference.”

“People that aren’t likely to vote”? Who does he mean by that? Minorities? Young people? The poor and working class? Those are typically the people who do not vote in mid-term elections. And what about those “not likely to vote for [him]”? Isn’t he running for the House of Representatives to represent every person in his district? Does he think that it isn’t worth his time to explain his vision and reason for running for Congress in order to win over minds and hearts to his side?

This is the most elitist thing that I have heard come from any candidate running for office this year. Did this guy go to the Joe Biden School of Charm?

It is time for a fresh voice in Virginia’s 8th district, one who cares enough to meet with anyone and everyone.