Foust abandoned by Clinton-ites who can’t put their money where their mouth is

Oh, this is fun.

Not only did John Foust lie to the media about his fundraising numbers AGAIN (which we called out as odd when first announced), and DCCC abandon Foust to his own devices, now it looks like his Foust’s biggest supporters can’t lend any dollars to back up their words.

Clinton-ites have spent most of this election cycle attacking Barbara Comstock for her years of work on behalf of constituents and Congress in investigating their pile of scandals in the 90s. In July it reached a head with a hit piece in Politico (have they ever written anything positive of Comstock or critical of John Foust?) where Paul Begala came out swinging with the “little bit nutty, little bit slutty” attack that we’re all sick and tired of. At the time, Bearing Drift took the attack to task:

Leaving to one side the horrifically sexist nature of that attack (no worries, Peter Roff slammed Begala for it in US News and World Report), Begala’s purpose was more than just garnering headlines. He is hoping that the average reader and voter remembers his line, and thus ties Comstock to the Lewinsky investigation – which Democrats are convinced was a political loser for the GOP and anyone involved with it.

Here’s the problem: Comstock didn’t investigate the Lewinsky fiasco. The investigations of which she was a part dealt with DNC fundraising (think Lincoln Bedroom, campaign money raised from foreigners including the Chinese Communist Party, Al Gore and the Buddhist temple, etc.). While the Democrats want you to link Comstock with the sex investigations, she actually focused on the money issues – issues which did not severly wound Clinton, but likely had a role in keeping the Republicans in control of Congress in 1996 (and Gore out of the White House in 2000).

In other words, voters weren’t so blase about the scandals Comstock actually investigated.

Too right.

So about Paul Begala. He’s not only used Politico as a platform, he’s lent his name to numerous fundraising emails for John Foust, each one including more attacks on Barbara and trying to make it sound like Foust is the next best thing for Virginia’s 10th District:


Foust the progressive, the most extreme candidate in Virginia’s 10th, supposedly has Paul Begala’s support.

But does he really?

Go to the FEC website and search for Paul Begala’s contributions to Federal Campaigns. Look to see if he’s contributed to John Foust. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

SPOILER ALERT: He hasn’t given a dime of his own money to John Foust. Not one red cent. Heck, he gave $500 to Comstock’s opponent in 2009, but can’t bring himself to give Foust any money? OUCH!

Nothing from a Clinton. Nothing from Nanci Pelosi or Madeline Albright, both of whom highlighted fundraisers for John Foust that the press either didn’t cover or weren’t invited to.

So in a campaign where Foust has accused Comstock of being the divisive partisan warrior who’s all talk, it’s his national supporters aiming to score political points in twenty year old battles showing which candidate is truly the all hat, no cattle person in the race.