As Comstock racks up endorsements, Foust’s death spiral continues

Terrence Bouldon has a GREAT timeline up at Bearing Drift showing the collapse of the John Foust campaign through October:

Things aren’t looking good for John Foust. The wheels are coming off. While Comstock continues to rack up endorsements across the district, her campaign is outworking his on the ground. She’s winning on the issues just as much as she’s winning in fundraising. And while Foust is cancelling ad buys, the Comstock campaign is still expanding.

With 12 days to go, there’s momentum in the Barbara Comstock camp, and nomentum with John Foust.

Read the whole thing, it’s absolutely worth it. But what stands out the most are the endorsements Barbara Comstock has been racking up this week, all while the Foust campaign is scraping for money and support and canceling ad buys left and right:

October 21stThe Sun Gazette, which endorsed Foust for Supervisor in 2011, endorses Comstock for Congress:

“Throughout the hard-fought campaign this summer and fall, only one of the candidates has shown the potential of living up to Wolf’s legacy and of having what it takes to survive in the rough-and-tumble world that is national politics today. Only one candidate seems comfortable on the stump and in the debate hall. That candidate is Barbara Comstock. Comstock has worked on Capitol Hill – both as a senior aide to Wolf and as a chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives. Although that kind of experience isn’t a prerequisite for a member of Congress, she knows what it takes to succeed in Washington. Comstock is familiar with the sprawling 10th District, which stretches from McLean to the West Virginia border and south through Manassas and parts of Prince William County.”

October 21stThe Washington Times endorses Comstock for Congress:

“In the legislature, Mrs. Comstock stood up to the unions by drafting the law that now shields employees from being harassed by labor organizers who improperly obtain worker phone numbers and email addresses from employers. She proposed a bill that would have tied the state’s mass-transit funding to objective performance measures, requiring the bureaucracy to work to get the public’s money. It’s a novel concept, one that ought to spread to Capitol Hill.”

October 22ndThe Winchester Star endorses Comstock for Congress:

“She also knows her way around politics. Her Democratic opponent, earlier this campaign season, said of Mrs. Comstock, ‘I don’t think she’s even had a real job.’ We beg to differ; so does her resume. Among her myriad positions and career achievements: law partner, co-founder of an eponymous public-policy firm, campaign researcher, Justice Department official under President George W. Bush, investigative counsel and then senior counsel to the House Committee on Government Reform, two-term delegate in the Virginia House, senior aide to Mr. Wolf… and wife and mother of three children.”

October 22ndThe Loudoun Times endorses Comstock for Congress:

“In her interview with the Times-Mirror editorial board, Comstock moved beyond touting herself as the polished, political operative. Rather, she cited assets and resources in Northern Virginia as solutions that Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservative alike could embrace in non-partisan decisions. Comstock suggested that she could facilitate agreements around these assets from the state’s technology and business communities, as well as its universities…

“This is why she deserves the nod over John Foust, her opponent from the Democratic Party who currently serves as a Fairfax County supervisor. Foust is a dedicated public servant, but lacks the legislative experience and familiarity with national issues to address the nation’s many problems.”


4 thoughts on “As Comstock racks up endorsements, Foust’s death spiral continues

  1. So how long before the Washington Post endorses him? Not that that’s really going to matter all that much, seeing as how the paper isn’t technically in the district and conservatives aren’t going to follow the Post’s advice anyway….but I was just curious all the same.

  2. True. They usually endorsed Wolf and I seem to remember that they endorsed Ehrlich for reelection in 2006….little good that it did him.

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