Desperate Dems Lie To Boost Foust

It’s been happening for a while. The lies from Democrats to make it appear like John Foust isn’t losing the race for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. His supporters have taken to social media to spread false information about Barbara Comstock, the attacks have gotten more negate, more desperate, and further from the truth. John Foust is seeking to destroy everything in his wake in a last ditch scorched earth campaign to destroy Comstock politically, personally, and permanently.

Brilliant, Terrence

It’s gotten so bad that Democratic Committees in the District are mailing out sample ballots that LIE about Foust’s endorsements and even the state of the House of Representatives!


That Washington Post endorsement never happened for ol’ John Foust, saying he “shows no spark as a campaigner and no deviation from party talking points.” OUCH!

Comstock’s refusal to support more unfair tax increases for Northern Virginia makes her untenable for the editorial board at the Washington Post. But the Post editorial board can’t bring themselves to endorse democrat John Foust either,


Then there’s this doozy.


“Electing John Foust could tip the balance in the House of Representatives.” Really? In what Bizzaro World? Democrats are down by 33 seats in the House and a Washington Post poll shows all of the momentum behind Republicans. In fact, Republicans are set to GAIN seats and the Democrats know it, having pulled resources from John Foust to bail out a Democrat incumbent in CALIFORNIA. Sheesh.

All of this fun has been brought to you by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee:


Complete with a union bullet on the bottom.

The election is next Tuesday. Barbara Comstock is poised to win with a comfortable margin.


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