So, Why Did Mark Warner REALLY Not Run For President In 2008?

Mark Warner made 67 trips to 28 states in preparation to run for president in 2008. He had field offices open in both New Hampshire and Iowa. Barack Obama was on nobody’s radar screens for 2008 at that point. Mark Warner had the entire field to himself as the legitimate alternative to Hillary Clinton. Then he suddenly pulled the plug without warning, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Not long after that, Sen. John Warner announced his retirement and Mark Warner, apparently having had enough of his family already, jumped in that race.

So, why did Mark Warner REALLY not run for president in 2008?

That is the subject of this video (which contains Not Safe For Work language from the movie “Primary Colors.”)

This video contains a clue as to the real reason why Warner did not run for president if you are familiar with the book / film adaptation. Feel free to speculate as to what that reason was, but if you are already among those in the know, please refrain from dropping that turd in the punchbowl.


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