Press already wondering why John Foust lost

It’s never good when then media is already running campaign postmortems before Election Day. But for John Foust, that’s what he’s facing from even previously friendly media outlets.

The Sun Gazette, who has endorsed Barbara Comstock for Congress but had endorsed John Foust for Supervisor in the past, is left wondering “where did it all go wrong for Foust?”:

One presumes that fees paid to campaign consultants are non-refundable, but John Foust – good lawyer that he is – probably could make the case that he has been ill-served by those giving him advice in his campaign for Congress…

What momentum Foust may have had early in the race came to a screeching halt with his now infamous comment that Comstock had never held a “real job.” Again, likely acting on the advice of paid consultants, he declined on numerous occasions to say he’d misspoken and apologize. The Comstock campaign capitalized brilliantly; the race seemed to be over from that point forward.

Another Foust theme, that Comstock is just too right-wing for the district, apparently didn’t sway newspaper editorial boards across the region, which went heavily for Comstock. In perhaps the most painful twist for the Foust team, The Washington Post’s editorial page – which would have been expected to stick the knife in Comstock and turn, turn, turn – stayed neutral. In the game of politics, that was a win for Comstock.


But not as bad as WUSA calling Foust’s “real jobs” comment his “macacca moment”:

An off the cuff remark John Foust made about his opponent Barbara Comstock is over-shadowing his campaign and may cost him women’s votes.

“Of course it was ridiculous and I think he’s sorry he said it,” said Marge Chipouras of McLean.

The remark is being used against him in ad after ad. Foust has apologized and said it’s not what he meant, but a George Mason political scientist says he needs to do more.

Foust has done plenty more. Including a downright vicious and despicable email this week where he enlists help from his wife, Dr. Marilyn Jerome (of “let them eat cake” fame by refusing to treat patients covered by Medicaid while also demanding its expansion), to attack Barbara Comstock in an email entitled “My blood is boiling after yesterday’s debate” (is blood boiling covered by Medicaid?) where she says:

She is a danger to our children and families.

“Daisy” anybody?

Not exactly a confident campaign going into the closing days of the campaign.