John Foust Again Lies In A Mailer

Last week it was the Fairfax County Democratic Committee trying to claim that John Foust was endorsed by the Washington Post when, oh no, he was wholly rejected by their editorial board.

Now, John Foust himself is sending out flyers that imply that he received the WaPo endorsement while they went on to criticize his opponent, Barbara Comstock:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.40.36 AM

What more do we need to know? How about the rest of the quote about John Foust:

Mr. Foust has been a solid supervisor — he knows the county budget, and he played a constructive role in promoting Metro’s Silver Line extension — but shows no spark as a campaigner and no deviation from party talking points.


So what does the other side of the mailer contain? More of the party talking points that the Washington Post criticized John Foust for sticking to. But what’s best is his claimed “Top Accomplishment”: a balanced budget in Fairfax During last Sunday’s final debate between the two candidates, Foust said he opposed a Balanced Budget Amendment saying you shouldn’t need a law to balance the books, even though he conceeded that he balanced the budget because it was MANDATED BY LAW.

That’s like saying your top accomplishment is that you haven’t robbed anyone. I mean, sure, it’s illegal and all, but hooray for me for not doing it, right? Right?

The rest of the flyer highlights nothing on his side and attacks Barbara Comstock over the same issues that even the Washington Post, who he is proud to highlight the non-endorsement of, has said is not a big deal.

John Foust is losing. He knows it. But he’s continuing his nasty campaign of attack attack attack despite members of his own party begging him personally to stop:

“When I listen to candidates, I just hear complaints about the other side, and I’m left afterwards [wondering] what’s this guy going to do for me, and I would like to know that,” she said.

Foust said he hoped voters were familiar with his stances on issues by now.

“I’m happy to answer any questions you have on issues certainly, but over the next week, it’s not going to be a lot of positive issues,” Foust said. “We’re hoping that that message has sunk in…”

Another attendee suggested Foust include in his messages not just “what Barbara Comstock is against, but…tell what you’re for in maybe the same message.”

Please, John, for the sake of everyone in the 10th District, stop it already.

Election Day can’t come fast enough, even for the Democrats sick of John Foust’s message.