Foust Rally With Warner CANCELLED

There was supposed to be a GOTV rally in Sterling tonight with John Foust, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Yesterday, they cancelled it:


But none of the others across the state. When asked by the Washington Post why the cancellation:

A planned rally in Sterling for Foust and Warner was canceled, with both campaigns saying that they decided to focus on getting out the vote rather than pulling volunteers off the street the evening before the election.

“[W]e made the smart tactical decision to deploy our resources reaching-out to thousands of targeted voters to remind them to vote on Tuesday rather than building a rally on Monday night,” Warner spokesman David Turner said.

Warner and Foust made a tactical decision to schedule the rally late last week in the first place. So what’s changed?

Bearing Drift speculates:

Are Democrats fleeing from John Foust? Or was the unorganized and suddenly vulnerable Mark Warner relying on John Foust’s campaign to set up the event only to find out that Foust is in no position to save himself let alone Warner?

Either way, this is a terrible sign for both campaigns in the 10th Congressional District. Either they’re both so disorganized they can’t get this event together, or they’ve both given up.

Either way, for them to suddenly say it’s a “tactical decision” to cancel is a weak excuse.