Mark Warner’s Final Pitch: “Everything is AWESOME!!!”

Really? Keep Virginia and the U.S. going in the RIGHT DIRECTION?!?!?!?!?

It appears to me that a vast majority of the electorate would disagree with Mark Warner that the country is going in the right direction. In fact, here are the actual numbers — only 27.8% of the country thinks we’re on the right track compared to 66% that think we’re on the wrong track.

Mark Warner has run the most vapid reelection campaign in recent memory. He has begun to remind me of the “President Business” character in this year’s hit “LEGO Movie.” What’s next? Taco Tuesday? A guest appearance on the hit show “Honey, Where’s My Pants?” Maybe we should start calling him “Senator Business” if he’s going to adopt “Everything is AWESOME” as his campaign mantra. (He’s such a fool that he would probably think that was a complement.)