ELECTION DAY OPEN THREAD – Share Your Stories Here!

Polls are now open in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will remain open until 7 p.m. tonight. So long as you are in line by 7 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.

Have you voted yet? How long did it take you to get through the line? What sort of turnout has there been in your precinct so far? How were the various campaigns and parties represented at your polling place? Share your stories here throughout the day and keep checking back to see what others are saying!


6 thoughts on “ELECTION DAY OPEN THREAD – Share Your Stories Here!

  1. I voted at 6 a.m. at the Swans Creek precinct in Prince William County. Turnout at that hour was lower than it was for last year’s gubernatorial election. I put up a slew of signs for Ed Gillespie and Suzanne Scholte and Tim Singstock is handing out sample ballots there for the GOP. The Dem volunteer showed up after the polls opened and didn’t quite have as many signs.

    This is a blue precinct and it is clear that there is little Dem enthusiasm here this year (although I fully expect them to win the precinct as they have in recent years.) I placed the GOP signs close in to the school and while the Dem put theirs a bit further out, none of them can be visible from the road which may help lull some Dem voters into complacency.

    1. My wife voted here just before 8 a.m. She walked in and out right away. No other voters there. Sounds like the morning rush evaporated just after I voted at 6.

  2. I voted at 6:45 (although I was at my precinct an hour earlier to hand out sample ballots). I was voter 17.

    My precinct (Old Towne, Suffolk) is small (about 800 voters), and blue. There is a three-way City Council race here, so that might boost turnout locally.

  3. Voted in Loudoun County about 35-40 minutes after the polls opened. I was voter #68. Turnout was light — no lines, but a steady flow of people coming and going. Probably on par with last year. The precinct is something of a tossup I would say, although it went Dem by slim margins in 2013 (voted for Obama slightly in 2012, but Wolf in 2010 and McDonnell in 2009).

  4. Moderately busy at lunchtime at Cherrydale in North Arlington — very blue area. One of the four voting machines was down, which may have contributed to the short backup. (5-6 people in line, vs. the usual walk in-walk out in an off year election).

  5. 3PM in Olde Towne (Suffolk), turnout is heavier than ’10, and might barely pass ’13, but it’s about half of ’12. It’s a blue precinct (D+6 to D+7) with a 3-way City Council race that I thought might boost turnout, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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