Big Changes Are Coming To Virtucon…

Virginia Virtucon first went live March 23, 2006 after several of us split from another blog that we were affiliated with at the time. For nearly the past nine years I have played a major role with this blog, serving as Editor-in-Chief for most of that time. A lot of contributors have come and gone during those years while others have been with us this entire time. I am proud of the work that we have done here and also that we have had fun doing it. This is a passion for us – we don’t get paid, we do it because we have strongly held principles and beliefs that we want to apply to current events and share with our readers.

Today marks a new chapter in Virginia Virtucon’s history as I turn over the reigns to my successor as Editor-in-Chief, Terrence Boulden. As I look ahead to possible new endeavors, I want to ensure that what we have built with Virginia Virtucon lives on and I believe that is best served by having someone at the helm who can give it the full attention that it deserves. Terrence represents the best aspects of what Virtucon attempts to offer — thoughtful analysis, interesting policy prescriptions and a sense of humor.

While I am stepping back from the leadership role I have had here, I will still offer occasional commentary as time and circumstances may dictate. To use a FOX News analogy, think of Virtucon as Special Report. Brit Hume started it and then handed it off to Bret Baier who has taken it to the next level. Hume still makes the occasional brief appearance, but it is Baier’s show now. Please join me in wishing Terrence success in going forward and taking Virtucon to the next level!

– Jim Riley


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