The Perfect New Assistant Planning Director for PWC

Sometime between Nov. 19 and Nov. 21, Prince William County lost its Assistant Planning Director. No, he didn’t die or mysteriously disappear on a Malaysia Airlines flight. Ray Utz was arrested on the 19th and sometime between then and when InsideNOVA published an article on the 21st about his arrest on two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of obscene sexual display, Utz was either fired or resigned.

So, the county needs a new Assistant Planning Director and I know the perfect person for the job.

My son who will turn 5-years old later this month.


1. He is a Lego fanatic, particularly the Lego City line of items. He understands that you need a broad diversification of commercial and residential properties as well as many different transportation options. That alone puts him light years ahead of where the county is today.

2. He asks questions when something doesn’t make sense to him or he doesn’t understand it. Maybe our county’s planning wouldn’t be such a mess if the leaders of the planning department thought a bit about the big picture and asked some more questions.

3. Apparently unlike the previous occupant of the office (given the allegations against him), my son knows that you shouldn’t show your private parts to other people, especially in public.

Those are three solid reasons right there why my son would be a better Assistant Planning Director for Prince William County than Ray Utz was.


One thought on “The Perfect New Assistant Planning Director for PWC

  1. Actually, Marty Nohe might be a good fit. I might not appreciate what he does as an elected official, but he probably could fit the role rather well,

    I’d pencil your son is as a number two pick, though.

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