Dudenhefer back in the political arena



Former Delegate From the 2nd Delegate district Mark Dudenhefer wants his job back. Mark Dudenhefer who was defeated in 2013 by Democrat Michael Futrell made it official to Potomac Local (://potomaclocal.com/2014/12/08/dudenhefer-running-reclaim-2nd-district-seat-stafford-woodbridge/9) that he is ready to recapture his seat.

Mark Dudenhefer was extremely effective in making moves in transportation, but most of that work was put aside with the election of Terry McAuliffe. I personally am ready to help Mark reclaim the seat and so are many in Stafford County, who have felt ignored by current Delegate Michael Futrell. Futrell, who is not seeking re-election, is instead seeking the State Senate seat that is up for grabs after the retirement of very long time serving Colgan. Futrell has heard some yells from Stafford that he has spent most of his time in Prince William County, while ignoring the southern part of his district. Dudenhefer must not repeat the mistakes of last election, and must spend more time in Prince William County. Though he carried the electorate in Stafford, he was absolutely destroyed by the numbers coming from the very blue Prince William County.

Though many folks have been whispered to want to run for this seat on the Republican side, it looks like the party will rally behind Dudenhefer this time around, he just needs to take this campaign to all corners of the district and leave no stone unturned. With such a tough district for Republicans like the 2nd District every voter needs to be asked and every vote will count. I wish Dudenhefer luck on his endeavor and will also offer him my help.