Bruce W. Tyler gearing up for the 10th Senate District?

Bruce W. Tyler seems to be making the rounds to gather support for a run at the soon to be open seat in Virginia’s 10th Senatorial District. Tyler spent six years as the rare Republican elected to office in the City of Richmond as a member of the City Council. Tyler lost his seat in 2012 by a razor thin margin, and was known for demanding competent government and a direct and challenging demeanor in the City.  This attitude was famously brought to bear in a contentious Council meeting where Tyler called out the apparent dishonesty of a city official, much to the chagrin of the Mayor.

Tyler appears to be gauging support outside of Richmond, having attended the Chesterfield County Republican Committee’s Christmas party last night. Chairman Don Williams specifically recognized Tyler during the Committee meeting following the party, indicating that he was more than a casual guest. As the Virtucon previously noted, Richmond and Chesterfield make up the majority vote in the 10th District, but any Republican candidate who hoped to offset the strongly blue precincts in Richmond will need the strong red of Powhatan as well.

Hearing any other rumors out of the 10th?  Let us know here!