Joe Morrissey Is An Embarrassment To The Old Dominion

So Joe Morrissey got 12 months (with 6 suspended) after having sex with (and possibly impregnating) a minor. He’s going to be on a work-release program which will allow him to continue as a member of the House of Delegates, and continue to work as an attorney. Just pause for a moment and allow all that to sink in, gentle reader.

It would be easy to compare this to the fate of our esteemed former governor. However, I will not do so, because I think McDonnell deserves to be held responsible for his behavior just as Morrissey does. “Fightin’ Joe” Morrissey has had a colorful personal history, shall we say. He’s brandished a rifle of the floor of the House with his thumb inside the trigger guard. He actually lost his law license for a number of years due to a series of fistfights and disorderly conduct incidents.

Simply stated, Joe Morrissey is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Virginia. It’s obvious he has no plans to resign for the good of his district. He should be expelled by the House of Delegates as soon as possible. If not, the honorable thing for the Democratic Party of Virginia to do is to make sure Mr. Morrissey is defeated for renomination to his seat. Regardless of whether one agrees with him ideologically, should he really represent any Virginia voter in the hallowed halls of Richmond? To ask the question is to answer it.

“Fightin’ Joe” must go. Now.