George Allen ….for Governor?!?!?

With speculation already running rampant regarding who the Republicans will pick as their gubernatorial nominee in 2017, one name made me pause. George Allen. Is the Former Governor looking to retake his old job in Richmond? There have been whispers, there have been conversations, and of course rumors that he could be gearing up to do it all again. There have already been other names floating out there, Republican heavyweights such as Sen. Mark Obenshain, Congressmen Wittman, Hurt, and Forbes, as well as several lesser known Virginia legislators such as Senator Bryce Reeves and Senator Frank “Slaters Gonna Slate” Wagner.

As Governor, Allen was a champion for welfare reform, truth in sentencing as well as education reform. Though this is all rumor and speculation, I personally would like to see George Allen reclaim his job as Governor. Though there are those who make it their duty to cannibalize Republicans after they leave office, or lose an election, I am not one of them. Everyone will have their opinions and that is the wonderful thing about living in America, but this is something we should contemplate and think about in the next few years. The bottom line being we as conservatives, need to take back the Governor’s mansion and put Virginia back on track as one of the best states in the union.



3 thoughts on “George Allen ….for Governor?!?!?

  1. He will have to overcome not only his past electoral losses, but also the incredibly horrible team his brother has built at Redskins Park.

  2. It doesn’t matter who runs. It matters HOW they run.

    For example, compare:

    THE YEAR: 2009
    The candidate: Ken Cuccinelli
    The electorate: Statwide Virginia
    Campaign Strategy: Issues-based conservatve
    The result: SUCCESS

    THE YEAR: 2013
    The candidate: Ken Cuccinelli
    The electorate: Statwide Virginia
    Campaign Strategy: Mitt Romney “Pajama Boy” Wimpy, driven by GOP establishment consultants
    The result: FAILURE

    While candidates do matter, obviously, we have to stop obsessing over who is running to the exclusion of HOW they run their campaign.

    STEP 1: BAN all the establishment GOP consultants. Remember that consistent failure and constantly losing elections is the entrance exam for being a campaign consultant recommended by the GOP institutions.

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