Governor McAuliffe Continues to Kiss Bloombergs…

Guest Post by Mr Greg Stone

Why would Terry McAuliffe, a liberal Governor of a purple trending back to red state such as Virginia promote the failed gun control policies of years gone by ? Last Novembers elections provided abundant evidence that despite all his money and misinformation, the Nanny State Bloomberg message of more gun control, did not resonate with voters. The results are obvious. Citizens who enjoy freedom, liberty, and cherish the ability to defend themselves and their families, are not interested in Bloombergs Nanny State. We trust ourselves to select how many Glocks we want to own, the size of our sodas, and the amount of salt we choose to ingest. So,why then is Terry McAuliffe playing the role of politically tone deaf Governor ? Is it because he is a politically tone deaf Governor ? Yes he is, but is that is whats in play here ? Or is it the Bloomberg Cash?
When McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, Nanny Bloomberg poured over a million dollars here into McAuliffe’s campaign, Terry needs that cash to continue his political charade. Bloomberg’s generosity is now manifesting itself into policy positions despite the mountains of proof and historical data that these same policies have failed miserably right here in the Commonwealth. One would think that if proponents of gun control were going to take on the uphill fight for more gun regulations, that they would propose something other than previous failures.
The center piece of McAuliffe’s new campaign against guns in Virginia is the infamous One Gun a Month law.That’s right One Gun a Month ! The very law previously enacted that hung around for some twenty years before it was rejected in 2012! HERE because of it’s ineffectiveness, is the new public safety agenda of the McAuliffe administration. This is the new gun control idea being pulled from the legislative dust bin and put back onto the table for us to debate, ridicule, and toss back onto the pile of stupid ideas. Is this McAuliffe’s political tone deafness, or his insatiable desire for additional cash to serve his political ends ?
What do you think ?


Greg’s BIO:

Greg Stone is a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s- Department of Criminal Justice Services(DCJS), Security Consultant, and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor based in Northern Virginia. Greg has provided executive protection, corporate and private security, as well as work place violence mitigation for diplomatic, political, and corporate clients. Greg specializes in political security having worked for campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. His current work has him working for a Virginia based contractor specializing in the construction of High Security Infrastructure and force protection. As a Certified Firearms Instructor and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Greg trains private citizens on the use of firearms as a component of their personal protection plan. Greg can be reached at



One thought on “Governor McAuliffe Continues to Kiss Bloombergs…

  1. Aside from the $$ – TMac is catering to his base when he needs it the most. He just got smacked down on Medicaid expansion and the republicans had a good year in Virginia in 2014. I thoroughly expect Wexton to jump in, clapping her hands. We need to continually ask Ms. Wexton if she agrees with McAuliffe on this issue, and if she agreed with John Foust when he made his infamous “no real job” stmt.

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