Corey Responds to the Critics


Corey has had a tough week with critics, and today he responded on his facebook page:

“The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted yesterday to give budget guidance to the County Executive consistent with the rate of inflation.

A story recently appeared on that was inaccurate. Last Tuesday evening I responded to a question from a school board member who asked if the Board of County Supervisors was going stick to the adopted five year plan for school revenue.

In my response, I stated if the desire of the school board is to maintain the current projected revenue levels in the five year plan, then we need to make a policy change in how we manage revenues and taxes in Prince William County. Our recent tax policy called for property tax increases over the next four years regardless of whether or not they were needed. I wanted to end this policy. This policy leads to spikes and valleys in the counties revenue streams. When a government typically sees an increase in revenue beyond what they need to provide services, the excess money is spent. This is what I am trying to avoid.

I suggested that a fiscally responsible solution would be to change the focus from being solely on the residential tax bill, and instead look at all revenue streams to determine how to continue keeping taxes the lowest in Northern Virginia while still providing the services our citizens desire.”



One thought on “Corey Responds to the Critics

  1. Let’s see the video, in its entirety. Out of context accusations, and rebuttals, serve no one except perhaps individuals with agendas running contrary to the truth and the public interest. So, let’s see.

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