A New Low, Even For Morrissey

Convicted pervert and overnight resident of the big house Joe Morrissey says he will step down from his Delegate seat. But before you let out that sigh of relief know that creepy Joe is, of course, not doing the honorable thing here at all because he plans to run in the special election that will fill the vacancy his resignation will create. Say what? Logic be damned, Morrissey ain’t done just yet.

How selfish and oblivious can Morrissey be here? Resign you creep and just go away. You are tarnishing the respectful name of our country’s most historic legislature. The Virginia House of Delegates has no place for someone of such low character.

The good news to report here is Delegate Mark Keam says he plans to vote to expel Morrissey from the legislature if Morrissey wins the special. Let’s hope all of the Democratic leadership follows Delegate Keam, who deserves our thanks for being on the right side of this horrible story since the news first broke this summer.

We will have to wait to see if Morrissey runs in the special as a Democrat, as an independent, or as a sex offender. We asked Morrissey this question via Twitter and have yet to receive a response. #WhereYouSleepingTonightJoe?

Keam will vote Morrissy out (2)

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