Hot Air, pollution and working backwards

If you have a piece of outdated bloated technology that is full of hot air, pollutes our environment and spends most of its time going in reverse . . .what do you do with it?    Name it after a politician of course.

The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is naming several of their engines after politicians that have sat on the VRE Operations Board of Directors.


All aboard the John Jenkins Express.

Jenkins, the longest currently serving Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is recognized for his participation on the Virginia Railway Express Operations Board. He and eight other VRE Board members who played key roles in the development of the commuter railroad since its founding in 1992 will have their names affixed to the front of VRE locomotives.

 Here’s a full list of names that will soon appear on commuter trains:
  • Edwin King – Prince William County (Original Member)
  • James Hugh Payne Sr. – City of Manassas (First Elected City of Manassas Member)
  • Bernard Cohen – VA House of Delegates (Original Member)
  • Bob Gibbons – Stafford County (First Elected Stafford Member)
  • Sally H. Cooper – VDOT (Original Member)
  • Sharon Bulova – Fairfax County (Original and Continuously Serving Member)
  • John Jenkins – Prince William County (Long Serving Member)
  • Hilda Barg – Prince William County (Long Serving Member)
  • Elaine McConnell – Fairfax County (Long Serving Member – previously recognized)

The operations board approved adding the names to the locomotives at their monthly meeting this morning.

“Naming locomotives to honor those who helped establish or ensure the success of VRE is a small token of the appreciation we have for the foresight and public service these Board Members have provided in creating VRE,” said  VRE Operations Board Chairman Paul Milde in a press release.

The names that will be affixed to the locomotives belong to those who “played a key role in establishing VRE service, were early or long-tenured members, or whose extraordinary efforts contributed to its success, will be honored by having their names placed on the front of VRE locomotives.”

Virginia Railway Express trains carried more than 320,000 riders in November. Over the past year, the commuter railroad carried 2 million riders.

Of course we should probably ignore the fact that many of these board members were on the job when a VRE employee had set up his own little contract kickback scheme.   No need to keep a tight eye on operations when it’s cool to get your picture playing train conductor.


3 thoughts on “Hot Air, pollution and working backwards

  1. With all due respect to these Board members, if VRE has to name the trains, they should be named in honor of the CITIZENS and TAXPAYERS who paid for them. Every time I see a sign that says “Brought to you by the XXX Board of County Supervisors” or when I hear some Exec. Director of a charity groveling and thanking a BoCS for “their support” I want to yell at the TV and say “It was bought and paid for by the TAXPAYERS who funded it with their taxes, not the BoCS”.

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