A Christmas Wish Worth Repeating

I am friends and connected on social media with most of the rightosphere in Virginia and much of America. While I disagree often on one issue or another, one tactic or another, one philosophy or another, I truly believe everyone I come in contact with genuinely wants good for our country and is a well-meaning person (even if some are occasionally, umm, misguided).

So here’s my Christmas Wish for the Rightosphere: that everyone sees every human life as valuable and sacred.


First, because it would mean an end to abortion, which I believe later generations will scarcely forgive us for.

Second, because it would mean a real appreciation for each other which currently does not exist.

Now in our society, we have every right to be misanthropic to each other. That is our right…. But does not make it right or wise.

Here’s where I am going with this.

I have seen a disturbing trend on social media that relates to my Christmas Wish.

A small sampling of disturbing opinion articles that have crossed my social media:




Why is this disturbing from a small government perspective?

  1. It denies accountability. Conservatives hate it- and rightly so- when liberals follow up a shooting tragedy (which occasionally occur) by advocating gun control. Why? Because it implies the shooter had no accountability, it was the gun’s fault, and if there were no guns the crazy shooter would simply have gone on his merry way. Complete farce.

But why then are we blaming everyone from Al Sharpton to Bill de Blasio to Barack Obama for the actions of one clearly deranged psycho who actually pulled the trigger before offing himself? It flies in the face of everything conservatives believe and rightly criticize liberals for. Stop trying to stretch to score cheap political points. It devalues you as a person and absolves a murder from the blame. It makes you sound like Alec Baldwin from Team America: World Police.

  1. Why is every life is sacred when it comes to babies and cops but not when it comes to “thugs”, err, black folks? No one gives conservatives any credibility when talking compassionately about babies when discussing the evils or abortion, because they act so heinously and callously when discussing the deaths of people not “in their tribe”. Sorry folks, but it’s the truth. When you imply that Garner deserved summary death for selling cigarettes or that it is “self defense” to shoot someone six times from 150 feet away, you are really saying it’s ok to kill someone not from your “tribe”. Stop it. If the Constitution matters when you are criticizing Barack Obama for disregarding it, then it must matter when other people deserve due process. Even people who do not look like you or come from your neighborhood (ie, not from your “tribe”). Cops’ lives matter. Black lives matter. Babies’ lives matter. Everyones’ lives matter. Let’s protect everyone’s life and mourn everyone’s death.
  1. Police can do no wrong. Ever. Huh? Since when did a movement that values individualism suddenly decide that we need to submit to an absolute government authority? You really think the Founding Fathers would have gone along with this? Not being willing to submit to unjust authority was what set off the American Revolution. The argument “just listen to the cops and nothing bad will happen” is particularly problematic. It assumes that there are no bad cops (which white conservatives apparently believe but no one else does) and there are no bad laws (which NO ONE should believe). There are corrupt cops and bad cops (LAPD for most of its existence) so stop trying to pretend there aren’t. You don’t get a halo just because you put on a badge.

Further, the police in Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile or Stalin’s Russia enforced unethical laws all the time. Should the Germans just have “just listened to the cops”? Of course not.  A healthy relationship with the state in a democratic republic demands give and take, and cops have to understand this as well. We in America don’t have laws THAT bad, but we have plenty of bad laws that put good cops in bad positions. So there is blame to go around there, and much fixing to be done to laws and law enforcement.

Ultimately, if you believe in a good society, that starts with you- value its members, even the ones you don’t agree with. We need to rally around the families of the slain who will be missing loved ones this Christmas…. From New York, Staten Island, Ferguson, Cleveland, Atlanta, Utah, and other places. It’s a tragedy whenever we lose members of our society, and if we really want to get back to a “culture of life”…. That is the first step. No exceptions.

If you believe in limited government, that starts with accountability for everyone and less government power. Less bad laws that intrude on our liberty. No citizens that live above the law. Due process for everyone, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

I have many Christmas Wishes, but it would really be great if a bunch of good and well-meaning people would start to value the human life of everyone in society, not just some. Then maybe we could get somewhere. #everyoneslivesmatternoexceptionsmerrychristmas