Boulden out in Woodbridge, Scoggins going for it in Occoquan. P.W.C in 2015

The 2015 Prince William Soap Opera scripts is coming together with more twist and turns to come.

First, Terrence Boulden (someone I am familiar with) has decided not to seek the Supervisor seat in the Woodbridge District, releasing the following statement:

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to announce that I will not be running for Woodbridge Supervisor in 2015. With many other projects that are near and dear to my heart that I have committed to already, it is not the right time for me to undertake the even larger task of defeating an entrenched incumbent from the Woodbridge District. 

Even though I will not be on the ballot in 2015, there are going to be many strong conservatives running for office in Prince William County that I hope you will join me in working day and night to elect. 


I hope to see you all at the phone banks, rallies, and out pounding the pavement over the next year as we work to elect a coalition of strong conservative leaders for Prince William County.



There is a Republican who is looking to run for this seat, and when he announces Virtucon will be on top of the story.


Meanwhile in the beautiful Occoquan District, Don Scoggins has announced that he will seek the Supervisors seat.  Don announced after Current Supervisor Mike May decided to pursue the Commonwealth Attorney job help by very long-time incumbent Paul Ebert.

Don Scoggins will focus on budget priorities, in an interview with Potomac Local Don said :

“Instead of doing everything that is planned, we have to look at what the numbers are, and we need       to bring in staff and make educated decisions,” said Scoggins. “We can’t do everything, so maybe we have to lower our sights on what can get done given the current economic climate.”


Enter Candidate two: John Grey. John Grey, who ran as an independent for Board Chairman in 2011 has also announced that he will seek the Republican Nomination in 2015.

There are other rumored Republicans looking at this seat but none have officially announced. Whoever the Republican nominee will be, will face popular ex-Occoquan mayor Earnie Porta.

Buckle your seatbelts folks this is going to be some kind of ride.




One thought on “Boulden out in Woodbridge, Scoggins going for it in Occoquan. P.W.C in 2015

  1. Respectfully, It is John Gray, not Grey. Also, I said I was CONSIDERING a run for the Occoquan BoCS seat and would decide in January. I did not outright declare I was a candidate. The reporter of that article jumped the gun but I should have realized he would report our conversation. WRT my “independent” run for BoCS Chair in 2011, I did that because I knew I would not win the Republican primary and did not want to waste taxpayer dollars, so I thought it was a better choice to run independent. I believed then (as I still believe now) that I had a REPUBLICAN message that apparently resonated with 8,200 voters: to rebate to taxpayers over-collected r/e taxes, to control County spending, to slow the expansion of County government, you know, a REPUBLICAN platform, I stated the then and still Chair had outright LIED to taxpayers about cutting the County budget $143 million and was roundly castigated for that, until it was disclosed after the election by County government that I was correct. I stated the then and still Chair wasn’t running for re-election, he was running for Lt. Gov., again being roundly dismissed until nine days after his reelection he announced his candidacy for…..drumroll please…Lt. Gov. He’s really running for the 2016 Lt. Gov. nomination again in 2015, believe me. I was the only person who caught the $ 1.35 BILLION error in the County’s “Critical Unmet Needs” presentation. No one in the budget office caught it. No one on the BoCS caught it. Even the vaunted senior County staff missed the error, only I caught it. They (the BoCS) were predicating the tax rate on that presentation! I stated it then and I’m stating it now, the Democrats have two candidates this 2015 year. The announced Democratic candidate Rick Smith and the unannounced but ostensibly second Democratic candidate Corey Stewart (just ask Frank Principi). I’m hoping we do get a Republican candidate in 2015. Question is who, if anyone, will step up?

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