It’s time to Focus Virginia. Op-Ed from Bill Card

I was at a Christmas Party recently that included a fairly diverse group of revelers.  It usually doesn’t take long for me to get identified as the local top Republican.  I don’t mind, I’m proud of the role and I like having the opportunity to chat about us even in social situations.  I relish breaking the social taboo in that regard.

A fellow partier discovered what I do and said “you guys have to do something about those RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).”  I get that a lot.  “Who in particular might you be speaking of?”  I asked that question though 98% of the time I get the same response – “John Boehner!”  Yep – this time too.

I’m sorry sir; you are suffering from acute Boehner Derangement Syndrome (BDS) – an obsessive disorder caused by too much Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin.  Turn off your radio and you will be on your way to recovery.

I suppose that’s the problem when your home town newspaper is The Washington Post.  Everyone is boiling the ocean all of the time.  A statement attributed to our Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors about how lifting any limit on tax increases might effect this guy’s life soon – but he was focused on poor, beleaguered John Boehner.  I told him what I tell every Virginian – “If Boehner is your problem, sell your house, move to Ohio and work to get rid of him.”  (Quizzical look follows)  That’s right – you can’t do anything about John freaking Boehner from Woodbridge, Virginia and you need to stop obsessing about him.  Virginia voters need to surround Boehner with conservative Virginians – that’s how we effect the situation.

There are people out there that are stunned and think I’ve lost my mind.  But try this.  Send a letter to John Boehner’s office.  You will get a response from your Congressman.  That’s right – John Boehner’s not terribly concerned with what you think – he will assume that you’re stupid and pass the letter to your Congressman.

We are in for a helluva year in 2015 and we better all put our Boehner blinders on and focus on what’s important.  Every office from Soil and Water Commission, School Board, County Supervisor, House of Delegate Members, State Senators, Sheriff, County Clerk and Commonwealth Attorney.  This election better command every one’s attention.

Rather than feed our Boehner Derangement Syndrome (BDS), we had better be tuned into our local news and the blogosphere.  Check out some old supervisor’s meetings ( or better yet, get down there and take in some meetings.  We had better pay attention to what our school board member is (or isn’t) saying.  After being held for nearly 40 years by democrat Chuck Colgan – we have a legitimate shot at the 29th Virginia Senate seat.  That’s huge.  The current Commonwealth Attorney has been in office for a staggering 45+ years and we have a legitimate shot at recovering that office for “we the people.”  Your Delegate and Senator is running in 2015, do you know what they have been up to?

Time to engage – right here in Prince William County.  The battle is in your backyard, you don’t have to cross the Occoquan or Rappahannock River to be part of next year’s victories.


Bill Card is the fantastic Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee



5 thoughts on “It’s time to Focus Virginia. Op-Ed from Bill Card

  1. True. We have a Howell problem. Hmmm. The resemblance is eerie. Do we have to move to help Stimpson? Or are we suffering from HDS?

  2. Bull, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin are not the Repubs problem. Turn off your radio and you will be on your way to recovery, no way, maybe you and the establishment should listen some time.

  3. Too bad all sell outs who think we have to run moderates to win have pushed real conservatives out of the 29th Senate District race in favor of Hal Parish. Why bother getting excited to elect a pro gun control,tax raising, pro immigration, liberty hating fake Republican. If those are the types of folks we’re running I’ll write in Ronald Reagan.

  4. The overall point of this piece is sound. I agree that the quickest way to affect change is at the local level. But the delivery of said point is poor. Immediately telling someone with a legitimate concern to stop listening to conservative talk radio reminds me of liberals who immediately try to discredit me with ‘you need to stop watching Fox News!’

    It all just smacks of an elitist my-opinion-is-the-only-one-that-really-counts mindset that runs DC.

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