School Board Member Betty Covington has an opponent !! PWC 2015

Potomac District School board member, and 50 year veteran of PWCS faces a challenge after two terms of being unopposed.

Here is the full story at


Betty Covington has dedicated her life to the school system, and should have no issues being re-elected.






One thought on “School Board Member Betty Covington has an opponent !! PWC 2015

  1. Running a school system is actually pretty simple. There are only two real requirements needed to fulfill in order to provide a proper education to the county’s children.

    1. High Teacher pay and bonuses so we can attract the best teachers in the area and keep their morale high

    2. Low class room size so kids can get the attention that is needed to properly learn

    I also think that you have to be pro-classroom trailers at least in the beginning, Trust me you always want your child in a trailer with a top notch highly paid teacher then inside a brick building with a burnout overtaxed teacher.

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